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Boston AREIA was founded in 2007 to give opportunities, education, networking and motivation to everyone regardless of their background or situation.  We are focused on helping all investors with the real estate investing in Boston and the surrounding areas.  We are NOT a part of National REIA, so some would say we are not “official”, even though we’ve been around much longer than other area groups have been.  But, we are NOT apart of National REIA by choice.  Read here to learn why! Our mission is to heighten your awareness of opportunities and give you the tools and support needed to take action. Your success matters, therefore, we will connect you with like-minded real estate investors, entrepreneurs and professionals to discuss and share deals, investing techniques, contacts, methods, financing, strategies, education, motivation, training and mentoring.  We look forward to meeting you soon. Visitors are welcome to join us for $25 per meeting. JOIN NOW. For your first meeting free, opt-in to our mailing list below. Contact us at (781) 916-9581 with questions.


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NEW LOCATION – AC Marriot, 95 Stations Landing, Medford, Ma