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In order to be considered for coaching, you must complete the following:

Please complete the following questionnaire and send it to

a.  What is your WHY?  What is your driving force? What is going to self-motivate you to follow through with your schedule.  For example, My WHY is a desire to provide the best lifestyle I can for my family and be able to do what I want, when I want.  Because of this, I’m pretty self and money motivated to reach my goals.  I am accountable to those goals as well.  Perhaps you are sick of working for someone else or you are looking for time freedom.  If we know your WHY it will be easier for us to hold you accountable to your goals.

b.  Why real estate?  There are multiple ways that people have the ability to create income and residual income.  Why are you choosing real estate?

c.  What are your short term goals over the next 3 months, 6 months and a year?

d.  What are you long term goals?  Where do you see yourself in 1yr, 3yrs, 5 years?

e.  What are your resources?  What kind of funds do you have for the purposes of marketing?  What kind of funds do you have to get a deal done, do you have funds for deposits on properties?  Do you have access to funds to invest in deals (savings, available credit, family or friend interested in investing, etc…?)

f.  How much time are you going to devote to your business every week?  Set yourself a schedule to work your real estate business and outline that schedule.

g.  What do you think is the biggest reason why we should choose you for the mentorship program?