Which Boston Real Estate Investors Association should you join?

   We get this question all the time….”Bernadette, which Boston Real Estate Investors Association should I join?”

We of course feel that folks should become a member of Boston AREIA.  We do have specific reasons why you would choose our group in comparison to other groups.  Here are the main reasons

  • First, we’ve been around since 2007 and we still have members who joined the group when it started.  Boston AREIA has been around longer than any other group in the Boston area.
  • Our focus is to help investors become successful by educating them, networking them with local seasoned investors and motivating them to take action.
  • We have no selling speakers come to our events. 
  • We have local seasoned investors come and speak about investing techniques in our market.
  • We offer a monthly market update.
  • We offer outstanding networking, networking time before the meeting, either forced networking or the opportunity to introduce yourself to the group.  During the forced networking section, you are given the opportunity to exchange business cards with pretty much everyone you want to do business with in the room.  
  • We have a deal of the month section, where a local investor will go over a recent deal, wholesale or rehab and they discuss how the found, estimated the rehab, funded the deal and the numbers from start to finish.  
  • Every month we host a rehab tour for investors to visit rehab projects in various stages of the rehab.  
  • We offer investors 2 free coaching sessions with the membership
  • We only refer one mentorship Joint Venture Fast Track program and the only reason we do that is because the group we refer is local and they bring you your first rehab deal, so, even though you pay for the education, at the end of the project you make money.  No other program offers that.  
  • We are NOT a part of National REIA, so some would say we are not ”official”, even though we’ve been around much longer than other area groups have been.  But, we are NOT apart of National REIA by choice.  They promote a bevy a selling speakers and gurus who’s real focus is to sell you their expensive real estate investing courses and a variety of other courses.  Don’t get me wrong, we believe in education and yes, you have to pay for education.  But, those courses don’t work for most people.  Most people need hands on training to learn and given a real opportunity to earn their money back within the guideline of the training program.  That’s why we refer the Joint Venture program I mentioned above.  We used to be a part of National REIA.  It did NOT work for our members, which is why we opted out.  If that means we are not ”official” in some eyes that’s ok because we are watching a much higher percentage of investors doing deals and becoming successful than we ever did when we were ”official”.  πŸ˜‰
  • Below are some testimonials from our investors, offering more reasons why you should join Boston AREIA also, check out our testimonial video too!

Dean Berg – I have to say, I really appreciate the format at Boston AREIA.  I’ve been to that other group a few times and, I can’t explain it, but, I appreciated your format better.  The networking at Boston AREIA, the deal section where the investor went through an actual deal with numbers, the goods and the bads of the deal was really great and I appreciated that there wasn’t a pitch.  

Carl Dahlberg – I have to say, tonight’s meeting was particularly awesome. You mentioned at the end that sometimes you will help new members with coaching sessions.  May I impose on you for a little coaching?  I have thought and thought about real estate investing for years but I think it’s time I truly committed myself – I just don’t know where to start.  If you’re available for lunch sometime I would love to pick your brains.  (***Side note, I met with Carl on Friday and am excited to help him reach his goals!)

Kristin Flair – My first meeting with Boston REIA! WHOOT WHOOOT! Great to be back in the area I grew up in! FANTASTIC Job Bernadette to you and the people in your network. I think its awesome that there are so many people so willing to pass along such valuable information. No sales pitch! I look forward to following up with my new connects to see where I may add value to any of their projects. Peter is the Bomb! Wealth of information is an understatement! Hehe. learned about 5 pages of notes if that is any indication! He stands behind his word. The numbers never lie. πŸ˜‰

Garrett Mezzetti – It really was a great meeting! There was a great energy in the room, and being able to meet so many like-minded people from every sector of the industry was invaluable. Thank you Peter for taking the time to share so much of your extensive experience. And thank you, Bernadette, for organizing such a great event and being so accommodating to all of us first-timers! We’ll see you next month!

Ky Petukh – Excellent, Great speakers!

Hayward Myers – I have to say last Thursday’s meeting was better than I expected, and by far has been the best REIA club meetings I’ve been to so far. I wanted to weigh my options before I joined any REIA group, and since I had a good experience with the people last Thursday I jumped in head first and joined.