Upcoming Events


Saturday, March 24 Brockton Rehab Tour

72 Roberta Ave, Brockton, MA

11am – Arrive, tour the property and network
11:30am – 1pm – Overview and questions followed by more networking

Join Brownstone Alum Renee Tepper of Sky Blue Sky, LLC and Tom Manna of Massinio Improvement, who have partnered again on this project. This is Renee’s 7th rehab!

This project was brought to Renee and Tom by a wholesaler. It was a new construction , 60% completed and has been sitting unfinished for a couple of years.

Renee and Tom will cover:

– How they estimated the rehab or completion of this project
– How they funded the project
– ARV and expected profit


Norfolk Rehab Tour, Saturday, April 7th 11am – 1pm

Come and check out this recent rehab by Danyl Collings of Brownstone RG.
He will cover:
– How he sourced the deal
– Estimated the rehab
– All the numbers, what he paid, rehab costs, estimated profit after all costs

The actual property address is 10 Populatic Ave Ext. But, the address won’t place you at the correct spot, use 32 Cottage Avenue, this will put you right in front of the house. 32 Cottage Ave is the house in front of the property which is set back. You will be able to park along the street with no issues.

11am Open networking and touring the property
11:30am Danyl will cover all the details of the rehab and will answer all questions!


 Rehab Tour/Monthly Meeting – Thursday, April 19, 2018
5:30 PM Networking and Tour House, 6:30 PM Meeting,

Location: 5 Westdale Rd, Canton, MA

Brownstone RG Fast Track/Joint Venture Students Christal and Rob Fortes will be joining Senior Project Manager Danyl Collings and will be speaking about their latest project – how it was sourced, price points, budgets, rehabbing for the market, selling strategy, etc.

We toured this rehab at the beginning of the rehab. The property had just been cleaned out.

Free for members of BostonAREIA.com; $25 for nonmembers (members of this meetup are not members of BostonAREIA.com)