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Your Credit Scores affect every area of your financial life! Including… Your Interest Rates, Down Payments, Insurance Premiums and even your ability to obtain certain types of employment! By always making sure your Credit scores are in the best shape possible, you can potentially save hundreds and even thousands of dollars every month. Don’t let low credit scores keep you down. Instead, let our team of credit experts help you get the credit you deserve. Benefits Removes or corrects: Late-Payments, Collections, Judgments, Tax Liens, Repossessions, Charge-Offs, Foreclosures, Bankruptcy Items & Bankruptcy Filings. Increases credit scores by 50-150 *points on average Provides Credit Rebuilding, Consulting & Identity Theft Correction CROA Compliant & Confidential Services Hundreds of thousands of satisfied customers.  For the low price of $79.97 per month (for all listed services – Join Now
Your creditors have a plan that will keep you in debt and chained to an interest rate for decades! EquityMAX is saving people tens and even hundreds of thousands of dollars in interest without requiring increased payments or harming your credit scores! Then our simple system will show you how to secure your financial future with these savings. Benefits Eliminates EVERY debt you owe, including your mortgage, in 1/2 to 1/3 of the time or even less! Provides a Plan of Action that shows you exactly when and how much to pay each of your creditors! Calculates the exact Day, Month & Year you will be Debt-Free & the exact date you can be a Debt-Free Millionaire! For the low price of $79.97 per month (for all listed services – Join Now

Knowledge is power and when it comes to making wise financial decisions most people don’t have an expert they can get financial advice from. MoneyMAX provides you with unlimited consultations on any financial matter. We will review your last 3 years tax returns to see if there are any deductions your tax preparer may have missed. We’ll also help small and home-based business owners reduce their tax liability by taking advantage of all possible deductions. You will also have unlimited access to our extensive MoneyMAX Financial Library that provides financial planning tools, information and numerous financial calculators. Benefits Cash flow planning and debt management solutions Planning for college and making Insurance decisions Creating tax strategies and investment accounts Plan your retirement and protect your estate.  For the low price of $79.97 per month (for all listed services – Join Now

WealthMAX is a financial literacy, education and mentorship program led by “America’s Money Answers Man”, Mr. Jordan Goodman. A world renowned financial expert, author and frequent featured guest on CNN, CNBC, The View, Fox News and CBS, Get a financial education from the most basic principles to the most advanced strategies, WeathMAX is your path to financial mastery. Benefits Be Personally Mentored by Jordan Goodman Monthly Conference and Coaching Call On-demand Video Library of Financial Topics Increase Your Financial IQ Master Your Financial Welbeing.  For the low price of $79.97 per month (for all listed services – Join Now
FINANCIAL VAULT Securely store all your financial documents in one place and access them anywhere, anytime from the convenience of your computer, phone or tablet. Eliminate your lockboxes, files, file cabinets and go totally paperless. Build a comprehensive and securely encrypted list of all your important documents, financial information and location of precious valuables. The Financial Vault is a digital safety deposit box that you may also appoint a trusted person to access in case of an emergency. The Financial Vault is another benefit included with your Financial Edge Membership. Securely Store: Wills and Trusts Insurance Policies Bank Accounts Brokerage Accounts Birth Certificates & more DEBT RESOLUTION CENTER Do you currently have $10,000 or more in Bad Unsecured Debt (Credit Cards, Personal Loans, etc…)? Are you tired of harassing creditor phone calls? If so, our Debt Resolution Center offers the most comprehensive approach to eliminating your Bad Debts. By simply scheduling a FREE consultation, our legal team can analyze your current Bad Debt Portfolio and determine the best method to eliminate these debts once and for all. We specialize in Debt Validation, Debt Settlement, Consumer Credit Counseling and even Bankruptcy. All at a deeply discounted Fees made available exclusively to Financial Edge Members. Unlike companies that just offer to settle your bad debt, our approach is to provide you with every option and most importantly, the option that is best for you and your family. Schedule your FREE Consultation Today! Just a few of our specialties: Debt Validation-Debt Settlement Student Loans Consumer Credit Counseling Tax Settlements (Offer in Compromise / Fresh Start) Medical Bill Settlements Bankruptcy & more…

For the low price of $79.97 per month – Join Now