Free Video: Foreclosures and the Hidden Market

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View online at your leisure – there has to be dates listed…but,this is truly at your own time. When you enter your email address, you will be taken to a page with the videos. How to find properties with no for sale signs, no ads in the paper and not on the internet. Learn the 5 valuable secrets of attending a local foreclosure auction. This will teach you the foundation of what is happening in your local market today. How to choose an area to master and how to plot a course of 12-15 properties to go visit and determine the true market value, inspect, & estimate the repairs. How to tell if there are any liens or back taxes and whether it is in a good or bad area. You’ll totally understand where the best area’s are. There will be a segment on contract writing and the sellers point of view. Learn the formulas of how much to offer and how to present it. WHY IS IT IMPORTANT TO VIEW: The competition is getting fierce, you’ll learn how to get an edge. You will be trained how to get really good at finding the best and most profitable deals and other investors will be begging you to call them with your treasures. ​