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Hi folks,  Bernadette here from Boston AREIA, I’ve been asked many times over the last 5 years about coaching people on real estate investing.  How do you find deals?  Once you find them how do you estimate properly so you don’t lose money?  How do you wholesale a property?  I get questions like this almost on a daily basis and I’ve been asked to coach people.  I believe whole heartedly in support and coaching.  We ran a coching contest in January and you’ve all seen the success that Mike and Jacqui have been having through their Diary of a Newbie real estate investor blogs.  Mike and Jacqui have been doing the #1 important task in real estate investing – TAKING ACTION! Check out their website at

However, I’ve struggled as to what would be fair to charge people.  I don’t want to be like those gurus who charge thousands of dollars for courses and coaching.  I feel like if you’ve got thousands of dollars to spend on courses and coaching, you should take that money and put it into your business.  Get your website and marketing set up, purchase leads to get the deals flowing, get your LLC set up, put it into an actual deal!  We can partner on deals and everyone can make some money!  Please understand that I believe in education.  I believe in real estate investing coahes.  The problem is that I’ve seen so many people get on the real estate course and bootcamp train and don’t know where to get off.  They buy so many courses and they don’t know what to read first or what to do first and they get confused by all of the information.  When you are confused, you feel lost.  When you feel lost, you either don’t take action or you take the wrong action and you find yourself nowhere closer to your goals than when you started.

Option for non-members – If you are NOT a member of Boston AREIA, I will offer you 2 free coaching sessions when you become a member, that will help me learn a little about you and your goals and will help you set some guidelines and goals for your business and discuss ways to market for deals.

Option for members – Once you are a member or if you are already a member of Boston AREIA, I will open up the opportunity to do coaching with you on a monthly basis.  This will include individual as well as group coaching, in person, over the phone or SKYPE or Google Hangouts, access to my investing team and more.  The cost, I believe is reasonable, it’s only $50 per month.  That’s a cup of coffee a day.  Complete the interest form below.  This will take you to a page giving you a list of essay questions to answer.  Put real effort into answering those essay questions.

Understand, it is NOT automatic that I will open coaching to you personally.  You have to answer the essay questions you are directed to after completing the form below.  I need to make sure you are ready to take action.  If you aren’t, all the courses and coaching in the world won’t help you.  And, then I would just be taking your money.  And, I won’t do that!  I want to work with motivated people who will take action!