7 tips to increase your productivity and Buy and Hold in New Bedford

 Good morning folks,

  First, there is a buy and hold situation in New Bedford, MA you may be interested in.  It’s a 3 family and is in good shape check it out here and contact Sarah with interest – http://www.nationsprint.com/clients/breakoutbroker/eps/JN9JY6-1_download.pdf

Now, on to the 7 steps…A good friend of mine shared a video with me after a conversation about feeling like I was working like crazy, but, not accomplishing as much as I want to.  And, then I find myself after a long “hard day”, looking around, I haven’t accomplished what I wanted, my house is a mess, the dishes aren’t done and I can’t figure out where the time went.  Ever feel that way?  I won’t share the video because I don’t want you going down the rabbit hole of what was being sold.  I will just share and paraphrase what the lesson  :-) We will go after these backwards… :-)

7.  Conquer your email – don’t check it first thing or before you go to bed, no need to go to bed with the stress or wake up to the stress of a full inbox.  Only check email 2 times per day.  Perhaps put an autoresponder – “In the spirit of giving 110% to folks, I will be checking my email twice per day.”  Email is an energy drain.  Trust me this tip brings freedom with it.

6.  Batching – Parkinson’s law states any task is going to take as much time as the amount you’ve allotted for it.  If you give yourself a month, it will take a month, if you give yourself a day, it will take a day.  Take tasks and clump them together, set tasks that are similar at similar times to keep your energy flowing, you will accomplish more this way.  Structure your days in batched segments to get more accomplished.  Schedule time to make calls or set direct mail campaigns or visit properties for your business and then during that time pick up that heavy phone and make calls, send out those direct mail campaigns and visit some properties. 

5.  Making faster decisions – The root of procrastination is the inability to make a decision.  The reason people make slow decisions is because they are afraid to fail.  Have the mindset, that when you make a decision you are in control and it is your choice to makeour decision successful.  Practice making faster decisions, give yourself 1 minute to decide what to eat at a restaurant. 

4.  Disable notifications – On your phone – otherwise you are sucked down a rabbit hole looking at nothing on FB and the next thing you know 4 hours have gone by and you’ve accomplished nothing.  Take command over your social media.  Turn all notifications off on your phone.  Multi-tasking is an enemy to production whereas periods of focused action gets more accomplished in shorter periods of time.

3.  Eat that frog – Get the most difficult task done first.  F.O.C. more – focus on completion.  Be a finisher.

2.  Calendar everything – Calendar when you email, calendar your social media time, calendar everything, so it’s easy to know when you are available.  Even calendar your free time and make sure you have fun during that time.  It will be easier to get back to the task at hand if you know when you are doing it and then you know when you will be having fun. 

1.  Take more free time – Don’t over work a problem.  Throwing more hours doesn’t mean that you are being more effective or accomplishing more.  Take your work week and remove a part of it and do something fun, work hard during the time you set aside to work your business  and then reward yourself for showing up when you scheduled to show up. 

I know that I’ve begun implementing these tips and have found I’ve accomplished more in shorter periods of time.  My email inbox is answered and emptied at the times of day I’ve set aside, blogs are being written, clients are being met and guess what?  Because I’ve calendared it, my house is actually clean.  :-)

Make it a great day!  Smile more, the world needs more of that!

Desire.  Commit.  Succeed!

Bernadette Trafton, Chief Connector!   


Medford, Ma Wholesale Deal

10 Albion Street, Medford MA.
Single Family – Detached
3 beds / 2 baths
Living Area = 1,875 sqft
Estimated ARV = $690,000 or higher
Repairs’ Cost Estimate = $70,000 to $100,000
Price = $475,000
There will be 2 private visits for interested Investors:
1ST: Wednesday 08/03/16 from 5:30pm to 7:00pm
2ND: Saturday 08/06/16 from 11:00am to 12:30pm
Property Description:
Property in good condition needing cosmetic repairs and updates. Walls and ceiling need plastering/patching and new paint. Floors need to be finished on 1st floor and fixed on the 2nd floor. Needs new/updated kitchen and bathrooms (cabinets from kitchen in good condition, might just need painting). The office on 2nd floor needs a new window as well as the basement (the rest of the windows were replaced already). A few closets need doors as well as one of the rooms. Attic has a great potential to be built into another bedroom. Basement needs pointing. It might need a new hot water tank and a new heating system.
For any question please call:

Awesome Deal in South Boston – TIME IS OF THE ESSENCE

  This just in folks – Time is of the essence!

179 Bowen St South Boston MA 02127

Single Family – Attached 4 beds / 2 baths;
Living Area = 1,638 sqft Year Built = 1890

Estimated ARV = $800,000 or higher Estimated Repair’s Cost = $150,000
Price = $555,000

There will be 2 private visits for interested Investors:



1ST: Thursday 07/28/16 from 11:30pm to 1:00pm



2ND: Tuesday 08/02/16 from 5:30pm to 7:30pm



Contact Maria for more info at (617)651-0062


P.S. How many bonus centers do you have?

  Happy Day folks!

  That question changed my life over 10 years ago.  Really, it means how many streams of income do you have.  I want to ask you some questions that I have asked myself in the past:

  1. Where are you at in your life right now? 
  2. Where do you want to be?
  3. Do you realize to move from where you are to where you want to be, you will need to make some changes?
  4. Have you made a decision to make those changes? 

Sometimes those are hard questions to ask because ultimately you have to be honest with yourself.  When I got started in real estate and in network marketing, I was a broke, single mother of 2 beautiful children, not receiving child support, living in a crappy little log cabin up in Sunapee, NH, driving a 10 year old, hand me down SUV.  I was making jam and selling it at farmer’s markets and was barely making enough income to keep the roof over our head, food on the table and gas in the car.  I knew that I wanted a different lifestyle for my kids and myself.  I wanted to be able to own my own home, have a new car and ultimately not worry about how the bills were going to be paid.  So, I had to make a decision.  I knew asking for government assistance was something I could not do.  Now, don’t get me wrong, there are programs out there that help people and I make no judgements on people who use those programs to help them get out of a hole.  I just knew it wasn’t an option for me.  The way I was raised, it was wrong to rely on anyone but myself.  So, I had to make a decision to do something. 

So, what was I going to do?  I knew I wanted to do something that allowed me to stay home and I began searching for a job.  I found one as a secret shopper.  This would allow me to bring my kids with me.  I answered an ad for a part time position with a local real estate group.  I was nervous as all get out to even go to the interview.  I knew I had to put my big girl pants on and go meet with these folks.  I was even more nervous when I walked into the room and there were 7 of the investors that ran the group sitting there to interview me.  Interviewing with one person is bad enough, but, 7 sent my insides shaking like crazy.  I knew I had smile big and present myself in a way that would at least give me a chance at this job.  They must have seen something that they liked, because they hired me for $10 an hour for 5 hours a week working from home except 1 day a month where I would go and man the table at the monthly event.  

So, here I was, making jam and selling it at farmer’s markets, visiting local businesses as a secret shopper and working part time for an investors group.  I started meeting people at the group and began asking them if they needed any help because jam season was ending and I needed to make more money to pay the rent.  I was learning a ton about real estate at the meetings and a few of them hired me.  But, it still wasn’t enough.  I was still living negative pay check to negative pay check.  Thank God my mom would drive over an hour at least once a week with a bag of groceries. 

At some point, I met Annie Trajlinek at one of the investors meetings.  She was different than the other investors.  She was always happy, bubbly and had a kind word to say to me.  She actually took the time to talk to me.  The other investors checked in with me and went into the meeting.  Annie always stopped and made a point to get to know me.  She did deals with one of the investors that I worked for and one day asked for my email to send some paperwork over.  When I received her email I noticed a little tagline at the bottom of the email, it said, “P.S. How many bonus centers do you have?”  I, of course replied, “What is a bonus center?”  She replied, “A cashflow center that produces monthly residual income.”  I replied, “I’m a struggling, single mom, HOW DO I GET SOME OF THOSE?”  That is how I was introduced to the world of network marketing.  It has been an income stream ever since and has provided me with monthly residual income that surpasses what many of my buy and hold investors are getting owning hundreds of units and it’s a lot more fun than dealing with tenants.  Just sayin’ :-).  At some point I started Boston AREIA, while wholesaling properties, developing my network marketing business and working for other investors.  So, I have many streams of income and it has allowed me to buy my own home, get that new car, provide for my kids, keep food on the table and pay for my bills easily. 

Think about it:

  1. If you only have a J.O.B. then most of the times you are Just Over Broke or your being Jerked Out of Bed.  :-)
  2. If you have a J.O.B. and you are working on Wholesaling and have actually closed a few deals then you are dragging yourself around can reach a few of your goals.  
  3. If you have a J.O.B., working on some Wholesale deals and have are working a home based business, you are beginning to open up the choices you have.
  4. If you have a J.O.B., working on some Wholesale deals, are working a home based business and are rehabbing or investing in buy and hold properties, you will be set for life. 

 So, where are you at, where do you want to be, do you realize you need to make a change and have you made a decision to do something?  What are you going to do?  And, if you keep your options open for multiple streams of income, let me know…I am here to help. 

Yours in success!

Bernadette Trafton, Chief Connector   

Wholesaling Sales Process in your real estate investments

  Good morning investors!

 Folks are always asking what is the sales process of a wholesale deal.  It’s not as difficult as you would think.  It actually feels a little too easy.  If you’ve ever been through a traditional sale of a house where the buyer is there for the entire sales cycle, you will understand what I mean.  The entire sales process includes the offer, getting the offer accepted, moving forward with the purchase and sale agreement and then closing.  With wholesaling the sales cycle is a little easier.  The hardest part is identifying an appropriate property.  

Step 1 – Wholesaler identifies a property.  They’ve calculated the ARV (after repaired value), they worked their way backwards from the ARV, subtracting their wholesale fee, what a rehabber will want to make on a deal, rehab costs, financing costs, holding costs, contingency, closing fees to get a MAO (maximum allowable offer). 

Step 2 – Wholesaler makes an offer on subject property.  This is done with an offer to purchase contract.  One the contract it must specify that the contract is for you or your assignees. 

Step 3 – Wholesaler obtains a signed offer to purchase from the seller. 

Step 4 – Market the deal to rehabbers you know, if you don’t know any, contact me, I know quite a few.  :-)

Step 5 – Receive offers from potential rehabbers and utilize an assignment contract including your wholesale fees for the rehabber purchasing your contract with the seller. 

Step 6 – The rehabber purchasing the property will then be listed as the buyer on the purchase and sale agreement.  They will need to perform on that contract.  The wholesaler waits for the closing to get paid their assignment fee. 

Hopefully that helped a little. 

I wanted to remind folks of the upcoming events –  May 7th Rehab Tour, May 17 – Breaking through Boundaries with your business – Can win $4500 in free advertising, May 19th – Monthly Meeting – Click here for all information.

Have a fabulous rest of the week!  Happy Investing!

Bernadette Trafton, Boston AREIA Chief Connector


ACTIVITY = RESULTS is the theme of the day! #realestateinvestors

   Good morning!  Activity = Results seems to be the theme of the day.  I just wrote a blog post for my other venture about this very topic.  I felt like I needed to carry it over to real estate investing.  The philosophy holds true in every business and especially in real estate investing.  Consistent activity leads to success in every business.  So, for the real estate investor out there, what are the activities that you need to engage in on a regular basis so you can succeed in your business?  

Some of this is going to depend on your strategy.  Are you a wholesaler, rehabber, buy and hold investor are you all of the above?  Below is a list of activities, when done consistently, that will help you succeed:

  • Networking – there are so many networking opportunities out there.  Be open to different networking opportunities.  Great deals come from the some unlikely places or groups.  Yes, you want to come to the Boston AREIA upcoming events.  But, go to other types of gatherings as well.  Find a meetup for something you love to do, check out a BNI, go to a chamber meeting, get to know network marketers, they make it their business to know everyone and go check out their business if they invite you to a meeting, check it out, you may not be interested in the opportunity, but, you will get to meet a bunch of people who will happily refer a seller to you for a finder’s fee.  :0) just sayin’
  • Direct mail to get your phone ringing.  Did you check out the webinar I did for Realeflow?  I love this system and the deal they gave for our investors, check out the replay
  • Bandit signs – I’m not into it, but, it works
  • Online marketing – I love this method, it’s important to be online, it creates credibility.  My friend Tom Pacheco is doing a webinar on Wednesday night 4/20/2016 at 8pm about getting online and lead generation for your business.  For more information see registration page – https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/register/7934291784256802820

The key to it all is to keep your energy and your activity high.  I do that by knowing exactly what my WHY is.  What is yours?  Mine are my kids and providing them with the best life I possibly can.  If you know your WHY, you will be motivated to be successful at whatever you put your mind to.  Activity = Results! 

I’m off to a meeting with an investor in a few minutes.  I hope you all have a wonderful, activity filled weekend!

Keep smiling, the world needs more of that.  

Bernadette Trafton, Boston AREIA Chief Connector 

Boston and surrounding areas – lead generation for real estate

   Good morning investors!  I am so excited to be sharing some news with you!  I have been blogging and talking about the system that I’ve been using for lead generation.  I also said that I was working on something so that others can utilize this system as well.  Well, I am going to be doing a webinar on:

Wednesday night, April 6th at 8pm

You will learn:

  • Learn about the system that offers More Leads + Less Time = Faster Profits
  • This system includes everything from lead generation, deal management, training and more.
  • How this system takes direct mail and puts it on steroids because all the steps are in one place.   
  • About the sweet deal that I worked out for you
  • Register TODAY!

Lead generation, next to taking ACTION, is the single MOST important aspect of real estate investing.  Whether you are wholesaling, rehabbing, developing, buying and holding, doing condo conversions or anything else, finding the deals is the most important.  If you are the finder of deals, you are in the driver’s seat. You have choices

  • Do I want to wholesale the property and make some quick cash?
  • Am I in a position to rehab the property and make more money in a few months?
  • Do I want to rehab an hold this property for long term cash flow?

It’s funny, “the finder of deals”, sounds like something out of The Hobbit or Lord of the Rings.  It’s always good to be the Bilbo Baggins of real estate, to hold the ring (in Bilbo’s case) or tool (as an investor) that leads you to success.  Yes, I’m a little bit of a geek.  Yes, I watch Dr. Who, too.  :-) 

Lead generation comes in many forms:

  • Network, network, network.  Not just with real estate investors!  Network with folks NOT in real estate.  You never know where a lead will come from.  It could be the girl who serves you the coffee that you get every morning or it could be the business owner you met at the Chamber of Commerce event you went to.  Network and let the world know what you are doing. 
  • Direct mail, which is what we will be talking about Wednesday night.  Whether you do it manually or you find a system that does the work for you, direct mail is a great way to generate leads.  You can check out some systems in Boston AREIA’s How to’s Tips and Tricks section.
  • Bandit signs – on a personal level, I don’t do bandit signs.  But, that’s because I’m too busy to run around hanging and taking down signs.  But, they do work for some people.  If it’s not your thing, make sure you write down the numbers on the signs you see.  Call them up and build a buyer’s list. 
  • Online lead generation is key.  A website gets you online, is a place to send people to give you credibility, gives you a place to get found online where people call you.
  • Chris Chapin did a great meeting last year about lead generation.  Watch the video here.

I always suggest that you pick 3 forms of lead generation to focus on.  I utilize online systems, I network like crazy and I do direct mail.  But, you pick what works for you.  Don’t be afraid to go out of your comfort zone.  Remember, everything you want is outside of your comfort zone.  So, you have to step out of it, to get what you want. 

I am off and running for the day!  To check out last night’s replay on reputation marketing click here!  Have an amazing week!

Bernadette Trafton, Boston AREIA Chief Connector


Diary of a Newbie Real Estate Investor-Energy is EVERYTHING!

               What a great meeting we had at Boston AREIA last night!  What a great group of people!

I believe that energy is EVERYTHING!  What you put out is what you get back.  If your energy is humdrum, that’s what you will get back in return.  If you put out focused high energy, you will get back more of the same.  Let me give you a real life, it’s happening to me example.  The past few years has been a bit tough on me.  My mother, Oma, who I love dearly, got sick a few years back.  She had been living with me for a few years before that, so she was my roomie, my confident and my best friend.  She passed away about a year and half ago.  It was devastating for me.  And, honestly, for about a year I was just going through the motions.  I wasnt’s really putting out the marketing or focused on my real estate the way I had been.  I hadn’t put as much real effort into pretty much anything.  Looking back, I’m sure I was dealing with depression.  When you are in it, you don’t realize it.  And, being my mother’s daughter, I just kept going.  She was a rock and a bit of a force of nature.  I watched her bury two of her sons (my brothers), which would cause many parents to crumble, but, she just kept going.  So, what other choice did I have, but to keep going?

When Kim and Chris with Brownstone’s JV/Fast track program said, “Why don’t you take the Wholesaling course that we are rolling out to test it and give feedback.”, I said sure.  I wasn’t all that excited.  I mean, I know all this stuff, right?  I’ve been involved in real estate since 2006.   After I thought about it a while, I decided not only to get involved, but to actually put into action what was being taught and blog about it for new investors.  I put my newbie hat on and plugged into the program.  Wholesaling is all about lead generation.  So, you actually have to take some action to generate leads.  I updated my investing website, www.buymyhousebostonareia.com, plugged into the system that Brownstone offered with direct mail campaigns (I’m working on something so others can take advantage of the system) and I used the system to send out some direct mail campaigns.  The activity increased my energy around getting my wholesaling business back on the track to where it had been before my mother got sick.  I got excited about real estate again and began blogging.  As you have seen other things started to happen.  I was contacted by a great friend about a new business opportunity, more and more people were becoming interested in what I am doing with advertising and helping businesses get online, get found and drive leads to them.  And, my phone started ringing like crazy for potential wholesale deals.  

The thing is, my phone started ringing from the direct mail campaign, but, that energy carried over to my wholesaling website as well.  I’m now getting calls from people wanting to sell their houses who are searching online.  We are working on a deal in Southborough that came in just the other day from my website.  Isn’t that amazing how it all works?  And, really it has to do with the energy and frequency that I am on.  I’m focused on developing multiple streams of income from wholesaling to Boston AREIA to network marketing.  And, all of them are producing some phenomenal results.  It all starts with activity and energy.  There are 3 types of people in life, those who watch what’s happening, those who don’t know what is happening and those who make things happen.  What type of person are you?  If you want to MAKE THINGS HAPPEN, then it all starts with activity and energy.  So, take some action and let’s go make some things happen together!

I mentioned at the meeting last night about a meeting next Thursday night offering the ability to meet and learn about a non-real estate opportunity with Superstar speaker, Multi-Million Dollar Earner, basketball team owner, Andre Vaughn.  Andre started in real estate and was introduced to network marketing about 10 years ago.  He created amazing residual income and enough income to buy a basketball team.  Who doesn’t want to come learn from someone with that resume?  The details of the event are as follows:  

Thursday, March 24th, 6:30 pm – RSVP with Bernadette@BostonAREIA.com to come as my guest!

WHERE: Holiday Inn Salem (I-93 At Exit 2) – 1 Keewaydin Drive, Salem, NH 03079

WHEN:    6:30pm – NETWORKING, come early and take the time to exchange business cards and meet people
                7 pm – Wakaya Pre-Launch Briefing

        You will learn about:

  • Wakaya’s new distribution model within the network marketing arena.
  • The Company’s founder, Billionaire David Gilmour, the founder of Fiji water, Clairtone Stereos and more
  • Why Wakaya’s products have been featured in numerous magazines and on Oprah’s Favorite Things list for 3 years. Also the Home Shopping Network (HSN) have featured Mr Gilmour’s products selling out in just a few minutes!
  • $$$ An amazing perpetual compensation plan that will provide you with:
  • Retail Commissions
  • Upfront Commissions
  • Car bonuses
  • Free vacations
  • Matrix bonus commissions where you can earn from the team!

Hope to see you there!  Happy Multiple Streams of Income!

Bernadette Trafton, Boston AREIA Chief Connector





Diary of a newbie real estate investor – how to get more than 24 hours out of day!

  Good evening investors,

So, it’s been a great week where all of my businesses are concerned.  But, the weeks were getting crazier and crazier.  And, in the event there is truth to putting things out to the universe, the weeks are becoming much more manageable.  :-)  I say that because the craziness started last week on Tuesday.  I was fielding some plumbing issues and working from home.  I own a duplex in Derry, NH and my brother and sister in-law live in my other unit.  My sister in-law owns Working Girl Graphics.  I figured while waiting for the plumber, we could take care of some thing.  I went next door and asked her to whip up some t-shirts for the meeting we were having that evening.  We grabbed a cup of coffee and we were discussing how to lay out the shirts when we heard this horrendous screech.  It was like nothing I had ever heard.  I thought maybe a rabbit or something had wandered in to one of the dog pens.  We went outside and Dana said, “I can’t see Zeus.”  And, then she screemed, “OH MY GOD HE’S IN THE POND, MY BABY IS IN THE POND!”  Baby, of course meaning Zeus, the year and half old Blue Heeler that is her and my brother’s prize pup.  I had my phone on me and as I was running down to the pond, I called 911.  The pond has a natural spring and the middle never freezes and the outside was not strong enough to hold either one of us.  911 connected with the fire department and they said they were on their way.  I made my way through the brush and tried to get as close to Zeus as possible.  My feet were freezing while I walking through the mud and the water, I can only imagine how cold Zeus was in the water.  I grabbed a branch and tried to get him to grab onto the end.  He wasn’t having anything to do with it.  I kept talking to him and finally, I got him to go over near some brush that he could brace himself on.  Dana came down for a minute and then we heard the fire department and she ran to make sure they came to the right place.  As soon as I knew Zeus had rescue workers there, I thought…shoot, I called 911 with my phone, I HAVE to get this on video.  To view the video – visit https://www.facebook.com/bernadette.trafton/videos/10154029492949312/

After Zeus was saved…whew…we went back in the house to work on the t-shirts and the phone rang.  It was the owner of a house in Ashby.   I did alot better this time asking the right questions, getting information about the property, the address, if the owed anything on it, what kind of work needed to be done, why were they selling, etc, a good time to come view the property. Yeah me!  LOL.  I put it out to a few investors and went back to the t-shirts.  So, my last blog, I told you I had started a new business venture.  Getting that off and running was pressing on my mind.  I had to write blogs, set up the website, contact people who may interested in joining the venture (check it out, if you are interested in residual income and multiple streams of income it may be for you, some of my investors have gotten started and are loving it – http://bernadettetrafton.com/my-opportunity/ ) and set a meeting schedule for people to plug into. 

I didn’t have time for what happened next.  The fire fighter, Jay Case had asked me to send him the video because his kids would love it.  But, for some reason the video wouldn’t go through.  I friended him on Facebook and posted the video thanking him and the other fire fighters for saving the dog.  My phone kept dinging and finally I picked it up.  In less than an hour the video has over 7,000 views, it quickly rose to over 12,000 views.  And, the phone started ringing again.  This time it was Fox 25 news, NH1, WMUR wanting to come and do an interview.  We still didn’t have the t-shirts done for that night’s meeting.  While we were completing the shirts and in between the phone calls from the news reporters, I was on an hour long conference call and fielded 4 more phone calls from people who had received my mailing. 

The first had a huge piece of land and it would need to be developed and for the pricing and the area, it just wouldn’t work.  The next was from a buy/hold investor who has a full time job.  He didn’t want to sell his house, but, he wanted to get put on my buyer’s list.  It was funny, he asked, “Is this the Bernadette who runs the Boston AREIA?”  The next was a great possibility, the guy was pretty straight forward, “Look, I wasn’t looking to sell the house next to my property, but, if you wanted to throw me $75k, I’d part with it.”  And, I scheduled a time to get back with him.  The last was another person with a lot of land, like 42 acres.  Wow, there is a lot of land for sale in Ashby.  In any case it wasn’t a good situation.  I left my brother and sister in-law to deal with the reporters and went off to the meeting.  I left Dana to deal with the reporters and I was off to my meeting. 

The next day I was out and about meeting with folks who were interested in me helping them market their businesses and was emailing some folks interested in the 2 properties that might actually turn into deals.  WMUR hadn’t made it to the house the night before and they wanted to interview me because I had been the one video taping the rescue.  I met them at the house and did the interview.  I was just getting settled back in to get some work done at my home office and I got a phone call that no one wants to get.  I have a foster daughter who lived with me when she was younger.  She is in her 30’s now and she still calls me mom and I consider her kids my grand kids.  She was in town from Arizona visiting her mother and her youngest was sick and in the ICU.  She had been dealing with 104.7 degree temps and was on oxygen, etc.  There was no one at the hospital with her and was there anyway that I could come in the morning.  I got my son set the next morning and headed to RI to Hasbro Children’s Hospital.  The little one was hooked up to oxygen, she was relatively non-responsive and hadn’t eaten in a few days so she was on an IV drip and they were considering putting her on a feeding tube.  But, she was showing some signs of improvement and they had reduced the oxygen from 100% to 30% by the time I left the hospital that day. 

While driving home I was fielding phone calls for the new business and was talking to investors about the possible deals that came in.  It’s a good 2 hour drive to RI from NH.  I managed to schedule a couple of appointments to view the properties on Saturday after the rehab tour that we scheduled in Waltham with Keri and Tanya Akmezykian of Watchcity Properties.  I needed to get back to RI to help my foster daughter, how was I going to do all of this and take care of MY kid.  This is when networking and building relationships comes into play.  One of my investors reached out to me and said, “I see you have some properties in Ashby, we are doing a deal in the next town over, so it may make sense.”  So, he went to the appointments on Saturday.  YEAH!!!  And, the little one is doing much better and by Saturday was eating a little and was cleared to go home.  They are now safely back in Arizona. 

I managed to get through Saturday fielding phone calls for the other business and the investor that went to the properties.  One is NOT a deal because there is way a lot of structural damage to the property, but, the other may actually turn out to be a deal.  Sunday morning, my son and I got up and he was looking a little flushed.  He had a headache and took an ibuprofen.  He woke up a few hours later and he was burning up.  103.5 temperature and just not feeling well.  This is a crazy viral infection that is going around.  3 days of high temps and now he’s coughing like crazy.  And, somewhere along the way I managed to develop an Acute Bronchitis.  UGGHH.  He’s been coughing which gets me coughing and it keeps going round and round.  In the process of it all, the team with the other business is growing rapidly, I have a few real estate deals that are in the works thanks to the folks in my network and my son and I are on the mend.  So…when people tell me that they don’t have time to do something, I tell them there is always time.  I managed to pack about 3 weeks of work into one week with the help of my network.  The key is to develop a strong network so you can leverage the time of others…with a strong network there is way more than 24 hours in a day!  Good thing I’m in YOUR network, I’ve become an expert in packing a week into a day.  😉

Happy investing!

Bernadette Trafton, Boston AREIA Chief Connector

Diary of Newbie Real Estate Investor week 2

   Happy Monday folks…

I wrote this post once already.  I even employed the save early, save often principal I learned but, for whatever reason, when my computer froze, it didn’t save.  And, you know how life is?  Well my life has been crazy busy.  I believe in multiple streams of income and was presented with an opportunity a few weeks ago that has me hoppin’.  At first I thought it would take a little bit of my time until it really started growing.  But, this thing is growing very, very fast.  I won’t post about it here…if you are interested in multiple streams of income, just reach out to me at dette101@gmail.com and we can schedule a time to meet to discuss it. 

I wrote this blog post last week and now I am trying to remember what I wrote.  What is the saying?  Technology is great…WHEN IT WORKS…anyhow, I was talking about how I had sent out a group of mailings through the system that Brownstone RG has.  The focus of the letters was to absentee owners and the next lesson was giving a script of what you say when the phone rings.  I also set up an search engine marketing campaign through YP and did some Facebook ads for http://buymyhousebostonareia.com/.  After I sent the letters out and set all of the campaigns up, I kinda forgot about them.  And, because I had been so busy, I hadn’t viewed the video on what you say to people and I certainly didn’t have the script in hand.  So, if you guys are stuggling with this…I get it!  I’m sure you will become much more porficient after the first group of phone calls.  I have to tell you, I was so distracted by everything that’s been going on in my life that I totally flubbed the first phone call.  This phone call actually came in through my website and I wasn’t expecting it.  

I barely was able to get the address.  And, I’ve done this before…LOL.  So, if you are brand new and you flub the first or second or third call, don’t feel bad.  It happens.  I was able to get her number, name, address of the property and that it had been on and off the market a few times.  WOW!  That was bad…lol.  As it turns out, because of the location, I actually turned the lead over to some folks I know in that area. 

So, one of the ways that you can drive leads is to network with people.  I am always networking.  One of my favorite places to networking is at a BNI I have been attending regularly since September.  It is on Wednesday mornings at 8am.  Here is the FB link for this coming Wednesday.  https://www.facebook.com/events/1303309416353264/ .  You are always welcome to come.  Just RSVP through the Facebook link.  Anyhow, one of the lawyers in the group is interested in becoming an investor.  I keep telling her to focus on properties that are off market that need work.  She sent a Facebook message to me and I got the information over to Brownstone on the rehab side of things and hopefully it will turn into a deal. 

Then, I had the following deal come in from Lee Kravitz, this is a time is of the essence deal in Chelmsford.  The project is a 9.4 acre parcel of land that has been permitted for a 48 unit single apartment building. It is a 40B project so 20% (10 units) have to be rented at affordable rates based on the Chelmsford MSA.

The following approvals: 

  • Comprehensive Building Permit which expires on March 10, 2019 (all outside opposition to the project has been taken care of)
  • Massachusetts DEP WPA Form 5A Superseding Order of Conditions (there is an endangered wood turtle species on the land that has been addressed and approved)
  • An engineering plan done by Hancock Associates
  • Architectural Renderings and Floorplans by Bloodgood, Sharp and Buster
  • Division of Fisheries and Wildlife Conservation and Management Permit
  • The only thing left to procure is the actual building permit which is largely a formality due to the previous approvals.
  • In terms of the rental income the 40B apartments are expected to rent at $1100 (with utilities included $1250) and the market rate apartments should rent at $1600.
  • This should give a gross monthly income of $71,800 and an annual gross income of $861,600.

Contact Lee Kravitz at 617-842-3392

Well, I’m off and running again.  Happy investing everyone!

Bernadette Trafton, Boston AREIA Chief Connector