We now have a private FB page for members only!

  Happy Tuesday folks!

  There have been some requests for a private group for members only.  I try to listen to the members of Boston AREIA.  So, we created one!  In this group, we will:

  • Collaborate
  • Network
  • Share ideas
  • Share contacts
  • Post Wholesale deals
  • Go FB Live from rehab tours and monthly meetings

We have more members of Boston AREIA than are in the group.  Some folks don’t like FB.  But, having a group like this allows me to give more and work more with the members.  For example, I’m getting ready to do a direct mail campaign and I was able to reach out to the rehabbers in the group to ask what areas they are looking in.  When deals come in, I will be able to post them within the group.  If you need a lender or a contractor, you can ask within the group.  Next week, when we have the monthly meeting, we will go FB Live within the group.  Therefore, if you are not feeling well or can’t be there, as a member, you will still have access to the event.  

If you are a current member and haven’t received my email invite or added beacause we are friends on FB, then go to https://www.facebook.com/groups/BostonAREIA/ and request to become a member.  I will check to make sure your membership is current and then I will add you to the group.  If you aren’t a member, yet, but, see the value in being part of our online community,  Become a member today! And, I’ve added a few codes to get a discount on the memberships!  Individual members use code EMAIL to save $25 on the yearly membership and Joint members (Business partners, couples, etc) use code EMAILJ to save $50 on the yearly membership.  

This is taking your networking one step further!  It will give you the ability to develop your power team, make scheduling a time to grab a coffee simpler and give you a place to post deals, find deals, develop partnerships and will allow you to get the most out of your membership.  

Happy Investing!

Bernadette Trafton

Chief Connector


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