Boston AREIA meeting recap, networking tips, rehab tour and more!

   First of all, last night ROCKED!  

   If you missed last night, you missed out!  We had a packed room with a ton of energy and Kim Harrington and Chris Coute with Brownstone RG gave so much more than was asked!  The focus was on finding the deal and they covered not only how they found a bevy of deals, but, how they dealt with problems that occured during the deal, how they funded it and what the profit was at the end.  They also shared the vision of Brownstone, how to develop long term wealth strategies and where the business is moving over the next 6 years.  Truly a great talk and fantastic interaction with the audience.  Of the deals they mentioned, they sourced them through networking and building relationships with Realtors, wholesalers and other investors, they bought some at auction, picked up some short sales and more.  Dickens recorded the whole thing, so keep your eyes out for the replay video. 

   The biggest key to networking is to take the time to invite the folks you are networking with out to coffee to find out if you find synergy with each other.  Most of the deals that Brownstone gets is through networking!  But, you can’t meet someone once, exchange business cards and then consider this person a joint venture partner.  You actually have to follow up with that person.  Send an email and invite them to coffee, invite them to networking meeting you are attending and plan to meet before hand.  We are all busy, but, a good rule of thumb is to plan to meet with 2 people you met at networking meetings a week.  So, be sure to add that to your schedule.  You never know who someone knows, you never know if there is a deal you can joint venture on unless you spend the time to network with them. 

UPCOMING WEBINAR – 8PM 3/22/2017 –  Learn more about Brownstone Fast Track in real estate training programs and receive a special offer!   Last night there was a ton of interest in the Fast Track mentoring and coaching programs that Brownstone has developed.  If you can’t wait until next week or are not available at 8pm on Wed, 3/22, schedule a time to chat with the folks at Brownstone here! 

Date and Time 03/22/2017 8:00 PM ESTDial In to the Conference (United States): (641) 715-3580 Access Code: 16024; Online Meeting Link:; Online Meeting ID: dette101

Brownstone RG has some incredible mentoring and coaching programs to help you get to the next level in real estate.  Whether your focus is to wholesale, rehab or buy and hold, it’s always best when your mentors are local.  Learn how Brownstone’s programs can help you reach your real estate goals.  Be sure to login to hear an incredible offer from Brownstone!

At the scheduled date and time of the meeting, dial in to the conference line.  When prompted, enter the access code followed by hash (#). To join the online meeting, click the online meeting link and follow the prompts.

UPCOMING REHAB TOUR – MARCH 25, 2017 Tour a Flip: Huge Project Recently Finished in Bridgewater!   This one was a doozy! Chris Chapin and Jerry Lima, two of Brownstone’s top Senior Project Managers put their heads together to complete this HUGE project and it turned out BEAUTIFUL.  Read all now! 

Yours in Success,

Bernadette Trafton, Boston AREIA Chief Connector



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