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  We had another great meeting at Boston AREIA last night!  Lots of business cards were exchanged during our networking and forced networking section!  Remember what I said, “Don’t put the business cards on your night stand and then not do anything with them.”  The way to network your way to success, is to build relationships after you meet people.  Most real estate gurus will tell you that the bulk of their deals comes from networking.  They have a website and an online presence like we talked about last night.  But, most of their business comes from networking and developing true relationships with other investors, real estate agents, lenders and more that they meet while they are networking.  Follow up is key!

I also went over our new Financial Edge Program.  80% of Americans can’t qualify for a traditional mortgage and need help.  When I first got started in the industry, I plugged into this program and in one conversation, they helped to increase my cash flow by $500 a month, within 90 days, my credit score increased by 90 points, I had a plan to eliminate my debt in 8 years instead of 30 and I learned about wealth building, real estate investing and stock market investing by plugging into some training calls.  I got excited about how the program helped me, so I started referring it to other people and developed a healthy 4 figure monthly residual income.  I’m so excited to bring this program to the members and attendees of Boston AREIA.  If you or people you know need to get in a better position financially, send them to my Credit Repair page or to our Financial Solutions page.  If you are interested in also creating a rockin’ residual income (to pay for marketing for deals or whatever) then become a rep today!

Now, Johnny Maravelis from Phoenix Afterglow discussed SEO, SEM, SSM and much more and we learned how to go FB live and convert the video to upload to Youtube.  So, do those terms mean?

SEO – Search Engine Optimization – this is the art of knowing your audience and putting specific keywords in your website that will get people to optin.  This doesn’t happen over night, with a good deal of content through a blog and making changes per your marketing plan, over time you can build an audience. 

SEM – Search Engine Marketing – this is the use of Google Adwords and running advertising campaigns through the search engines.  For newer investors with a limited budget, I do not recomment SEM.  Real estate investing is a spam filled arena and you will have to compete with the Homevestors of the world who are spending 10’s of thousands of dollars on these types of campaigns.  Unless you are spending over $6k per month, you won’t be able to compete. 

SMM – Social Media Marketing – I love using FB, FBLive, FB Advertising, Youtube and Twitter.  There are so many others but, I feel like you should use a few.  The advertising costs of FB are very low and I know lots of folks who are selling houses using FB ads.  I like FBLive because people do business with people they know like and trust.  What better way for people to get to know you?  I like Youtube because people are constantly searching Youtube to learn how to do things and if your Social Media and Youtube accounts are linked to your website, you will get better SEO. 

Johnny talked about alot more than that.  We video taped the meeting and when it is up, I will let people know.

So, you all know, I don’t promote the national gurus of real estate because only a small percentage of people are successful using those programs.  However, I do refer people looking for coaching with local investors (instead of some guy from Utah) to Brownstone RG.  For more information on all of the programs Brownstone has, request a consultation here!  

Be sure to come to our next meeting featuring Kim Harrington, she is going to teach you how to Find Deals!

Yours in success!

Bernadette Trafton, Chief Connector 

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