Are you stressing out starting your real estate investing business or getting it to the next level?


  First of all, I want to let you know, I get it!  I get so many phone calls from people saying that exact thing to me.  I typically hear one of the following things from these investors or want to be investors:

  • I’m just getting started and I have NO idea how to find deals!!!
  • If I do find a deal, how do I know what contract to use and how do I protect myself?
  • Once I do find a deal, I have NO idea how I’m going to fund it!!!
  • My goal is to get this thing going so I can walk away from my J.O.B. but, how do I do this while working my full time and sometimes over full time J.O.B.
  • I’m stressed because I just don’t know how I’m going to manage it all!

Trust me, I feel your pain.  Imagine where I was when I got started.  I was a struggling single mom, with 2 kids, who wasn’t getting child support and I was making jam and selling it at farmer’s markets.  I had no idea about any of the above.  I happened upon a part time job working for a real estate investors association and the most valuable lesson I learned was to surround yourself with people who’ve been there and know the answers to all of these questions.

About 10 years ago, I was blessed to be introduced to one of the brightest real estate investors I’ve ever met, Kim Harrington.  I was impressed with her knowledge of the real estate industry, but, I was even more impressed with her ability to stop and listen to what people were saying so she could truly answer the questions she was being asked.  I found this completely unusual.  Most of the folks I had met to that point jumped to conclusions and answered questions before they were even asked.  And, most of the time the answers had nothing to do with the real question.  Kim always took the time to really hear the question before giving an answer.  She truly cared about helping people and really believes in win-win-win.    

Since then, I’ve watched Kim grow as an investor and develop a team of key players in the real estate investing industry that share her passion, integrity and desire to help people.  A few years back she teamed up with Chris Coute to form Brownstone RG and over the years they’ve added key players to develop incredible systems that help folks in all areas of investing, from finding and funding deals to training, helping new investors get started and others take their business to the next level.  These folks are my team of go to investors!  I’ve learned from them individuals can make money, but, systems and leveraging systems are what create true wealth. 

I am so excited to bring the Brownstone team for our August 18th meeting with a panel of their key players!  You will learn about the Brownstone systems that have created many full time real estate investors over the years and how, if you are interested, you can tap into these great systems to start or ramp up your real estate investing business.  

Are you struggling in the areas I’ve mentioned?  Are you ready to get started or do you want to take your business to the next level?  Then come meet this incredible group of folks on August 18th.  Click here for all meeting details

Make it a great day folks!  And, smile…the world needs more of that!

Desire.  Commit.  Succeed!

Bernadette Trafton, Chief Connector



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