7 tips to increase your productivity and Buy and Hold in New Bedford

 Good morning folks,

  First, there is a buy and hold situation in New Bedford, MA you may be interested in.  It’s a 3 family and is in good shape check it out here and contact Sarah with interest – http://www.nationsprint.com/clients/breakoutbroker/eps/JN9JY6-1_download.pdf

Now, on to the 7 steps…A good friend of mine shared a video with me after a conversation about feeling like I was working like crazy, but, not accomplishing as much as I want to.  And, then I find myself after a long “hard day”, looking around, I haven’t accomplished what I wanted, my house is a mess, the dishes aren’t done and I can’t figure out where the time went.  Ever feel that way?  I won’t share the video because I don’t want you going down the rabbit hole of what was being sold.  I will just share and paraphrase what the lesson  :-) We will go after these backwards… :-)

7.  Conquer your email – don’t check it first thing or before you go to bed, no need to go to bed with the stress or wake up to the stress of a full inbox.  Only check email 2 times per day.  Perhaps put an autoresponder – “In the spirit of giving 110% to folks, I will be checking my email twice per day.”  Email is an energy drain.  Trust me this tip brings freedom with it.

6.  Batching – Parkinson’s law states any task is going to take as much time as the amount you’ve allotted for it.  If you give yourself a month, it will take a month, if you give yourself a day, it will take a day.  Take tasks and clump them together, set tasks that are similar at similar times to keep your energy flowing, you will accomplish more this way.  Structure your days in batched segments to get more accomplished.  Schedule time to make calls or set direct mail campaigns or visit properties for your business and then during that time pick up that heavy phone and make calls, send out those direct mail campaigns and visit some properties. 

5.  Making faster decisions – The root of procrastination is the inability to make a decision.  The reason people make slow decisions is because they are afraid to fail.  Have the mindset, that when you make a decision you are in control and it is your choice to makeour decision successful.  Practice making faster decisions, give yourself 1 minute to decide what to eat at a restaurant. 

4.  Disable notifications – On your phone – otherwise you are sucked down a rabbit hole looking at nothing on FB and the next thing you know 4 hours have gone by and you’ve accomplished nothing.  Take command over your social media.  Turn all notifications off on your phone.  Multi-tasking is an enemy to production whereas periods of focused action gets more accomplished in shorter periods of time.

3.  Eat that frog – Get the most difficult task done first.  F.O.C. more – focus on completion.  Be a finisher.

2.  Calendar everything – Calendar when you email, calendar your social media time, calendar everything, so it’s easy to know when you are available.  Even calendar your free time and make sure you have fun during that time.  It will be easier to get back to the task at hand if you know when you are doing it and then you know when you will be having fun. 

1.  Take more free time – Don’t over work a problem.  Throwing more hours doesn’t mean that you are being more effective or accomplishing more.  Take your work week and remove a part of it and do something fun, work hard during the time you set aside to work your business  and then reward yourself for showing up when you scheduled to show up. 

I know that I’ve begun implementing these tips and have found I’ve accomplished more in shorter periods of time.  My email inbox is answered and emptied at the times of day I’ve set aside, blogs are being written, clients are being met and guess what?  Because I’ve calendared it, my house is actually clean.  :-)

Make it a great day!  Smile more, the world needs more of that!

Desire.  Commit.  Succeed!

Bernadette Trafton, Chief Connector!   


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