Diary of a newbie real estate investor – how to get more than 24 hours out of day!

  Good evening investors,

So, it’s been a great week where all of my businesses are concerned.  But, the weeks were getting crazier and crazier.  And, in the event there is truth to putting things out to the universe, the weeks are becoming much more manageable.  :-)  I say that because the craziness started last week on Tuesday.  I was fielding some plumbing issues and working from home.  I own a duplex in Derry, NH and my brother and sister in-law live in my other unit.  My sister in-law owns Working Girl Graphics.  I figured while waiting for the plumber, we could take care of some thing.  I went next door and asked her to whip up some t-shirts for the meeting we were having that evening.  We grabbed a cup of coffee and we were discussing how to lay out the shirts when we heard this horrendous screech.  It was like nothing I had ever heard.  I thought maybe a rabbit or something had wandered in to one of the dog pens.  We went outside and Dana said, “I can’t see Zeus.”  And, then she screemed, “OH MY GOD HE’S IN THE POND, MY BABY IS IN THE POND!”  Baby, of course meaning Zeus, the year and half old Blue Heeler that is her and my brother’s prize pup.  I had my phone on me and as I was running down to the pond, I called 911.  The pond has a natural spring and the middle never freezes and the outside was not strong enough to hold either one of us.  911 connected with the fire department and they said they were on their way.  I made my way through the brush and tried to get as close to Zeus as possible.  My feet were freezing while I walking through the mud and the water, I can only imagine how cold Zeus was in the water.  I grabbed a branch and tried to get him to grab onto the end.  He wasn’t having anything to do with it.  I kept talking to him and finally, I got him to go over near some brush that he could brace himself on.  Dana came down for a minute and then we heard the fire department and she ran to make sure they came to the right place.  As soon as I knew Zeus had rescue workers there, I thought…shoot, I called 911 with my phone, I HAVE to get this on video.  To view the video – visit https://www.facebook.com/bernadette.trafton/videos/10154029492949312/

After Zeus was saved…whew…we went back in the house to work on the t-shirts and the phone rang.  It was the owner of a house in Ashby.   I did alot better this time asking the right questions, getting information about the property, the address, if the owed anything on it, what kind of work needed to be done, why were they selling, etc, a good time to come view the property. Yeah me!  LOL.  I put it out to a few investors and went back to the t-shirts.  So, my last blog, I told you I had started a new business venture.  Getting that off and running was pressing on my mind.  I had to write blogs, set up the website, contact people who may interested in joining the venture (check it out, if you are interested in residual income and multiple streams of income it may be for you, some of my investors have gotten started and are loving it – http://bernadettetrafton.com/my-opportunity/ ) and set a meeting schedule for people to plug into. 

I didn’t have time for what happened next.  The fire fighter, Jay Case had asked me to send him the video because his kids would love it.  But, for some reason the video wouldn’t go through.  I friended him on Facebook and posted the video thanking him and the other fire fighters for saving the dog.  My phone kept dinging and finally I picked it up.  In less than an hour the video has over 7,000 views, it quickly rose to over 12,000 views.  And, the phone started ringing again.  This time it was Fox 25 news, NH1, WMUR wanting to come and do an interview.  We still didn’t have the t-shirts done for that night’s meeting.  While we were completing the shirts and in between the phone calls from the news reporters, I was on an hour long conference call and fielded 4 more phone calls from people who had received my mailing. 

The first had a huge piece of land and it would need to be developed and for the pricing and the area, it just wouldn’t work.  The next was from a buy/hold investor who has a full time job.  He didn’t want to sell his house, but, he wanted to get put on my buyer’s list.  It was funny, he asked, “Is this the Bernadette who runs the Boston AREIA?”  The next was a great possibility, the guy was pretty straight forward, “Look, I wasn’t looking to sell the house next to my property, but, if you wanted to throw me $75k, I’d part with it.”  And, I scheduled a time to get back with him.  The last was another person with a lot of land, like 42 acres.  Wow, there is a lot of land for sale in Ashby.  In any case it wasn’t a good situation.  I left my brother and sister in-law to deal with the reporters and went off to the meeting.  I left Dana to deal with the reporters and I was off to my meeting. 

The next day I was out and about meeting with folks who were interested in me helping them market their businesses and was emailing some folks interested in the 2 properties that might actually turn into deals.  WMUR hadn’t made it to the house the night before and they wanted to interview me because I had been the one video taping the rescue.  I met them at the house and did the interview.  I was just getting settled back in to get some work done at my home office and I got a phone call that no one wants to get.  I have a foster daughter who lived with me when she was younger.  She is in her 30’s now and she still calls me mom and I consider her kids my grand kids.  She was in town from Arizona visiting her mother and her youngest was sick and in the ICU.  She had been dealing with 104.7 degree temps and was on oxygen, etc.  There was no one at the hospital with her and was there anyway that I could come in the morning.  I got my son set the next morning and headed to RI to Hasbro Children’s Hospital.  The little one was hooked up to oxygen, she was relatively non-responsive and hadn’t eaten in a few days so she was on an IV drip and they were considering putting her on a feeding tube.  But, she was showing some signs of improvement and they had reduced the oxygen from 100% to 30% by the time I left the hospital that day. 

While driving home I was fielding phone calls for the new business and was talking to investors about the possible deals that came in.  It’s a good 2 hour drive to RI from NH.  I managed to schedule a couple of appointments to view the properties on Saturday after the rehab tour that we scheduled in Waltham with Keri and Tanya Akmezykian of Watchcity Properties.  I needed to get back to RI to help my foster daughter, how was I going to do all of this and take care of MY kid.  This is when networking and building relationships comes into play.  One of my investors reached out to me and said, “I see you have some properties in Ashby, we are doing a deal in the next town over, so it may make sense.”  So, he went to the appointments on Saturday.  YEAH!!!  And, the little one is doing much better and by Saturday was eating a little and was cleared to go home.  They are now safely back in Arizona. 

I managed to get through Saturday fielding phone calls for the other business and the investor that went to the properties.  One is NOT a deal because there is way a lot of structural damage to the property, but, the other may actually turn out to be a deal.  Sunday morning, my son and I got up and he was looking a little flushed.  He had a headache and took an ibuprofen.  He woke up a few hours later and he was burning up.  103.5 temperature and just not feeling well.  This is a crazy viral infection that is going around.  3 days of high temps and now he’s coughing like crazy.  And, somewhere along the way I managed to develop an Acute Bronchitis.  UGGHH.  He’s been coughing which gets me coughing and it keeps going round and round.  In the process of it all, the team with the other business is growing rapidly, I have a few real estate deals that are in the works thanks to the folks in my network and my son and I are on the mend.  So…when people tell me that they don’t have time to do something, I tell them there is always time.  I managed to pack about 3 weeks of work into one week with the help of my network.  The key is to develop a strong network so you can leverage the time of others…with a strong network there is way more than 24 hours in a day!  Good thing I’m in YOUR network, I’ve become an expert in packing a week into a day.  😉

Happy investing!

Bernadette Trafton, Boston AREIA Chief Connector

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