What is the number one trait that all successful real estate investors have?


Since 2007, I’ve met a ton of real estate investors in and around the Boston area as well as all across the country.  They are all different in many ways, from the type of real estate they focus on, whether they wholesale or rehab or lend money.  The one trait that they all have, whether it came naturally or they had to learn, is the fact they’ve all mastered the art of networking. 

These folks live and breathe real estate.  They let their friends and family know they are in real estate, they are at the local convenience store, the clerks they talk to everyday know they are in real estate, they focus on making a few strong connections at every networking event they go to and when they are making new connections, their focus is on building long term business relationships with people.  It may not be in the first or even the second meeting, but, folks will learn that they are willing to pay for leads when properties close and they are willing to joint venture on projects.

Some key points to networking:

  1. Be interested not interesting – make sure that you show true interest in the other person.  Leave narcissism at the door. 
  2. Be honest about what you are doing and looking to do.  Don’t embellish the number of projects you’ve done.  People can usually tell if you aren’t being honest.  They may not put their finger on it, but, the get a feeling and that feeling can be a determining factor as to whether someone will do a deal with you, bring you a deal or partner with you on a deal.
  3. Don’t try to meet every person in the room, focus on 3-5 key people and spend real time getting to know them.   
  4. Followup, followup, followup!  Call them and set up a time to grab a coffee to see if you can find some synergy in what you are doing. 

We are going to have some great networking at tomorrow night’s meeting.  Chris Chapin and Jerry Lima are coming as our Brownstone RG Fast Track/JV spotlight!  Always great to network with successful investors in your market who are willing to share the ins ands outs of their projects to help you succeed on your deals. 

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Happy investing everyone!  See you tomorrow night!

Bernadette Trafton, Boston AREIA Chief Connector

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