What does your hard money lender want you to present to them?

   Good morning folks,

I get asked to introduce people to hard money lenders all the time.  What most people should be asking is, “What does your hard money lender want me to present to them?”  You should really know what type of presentation a lender will want to see in order to lend you money.  If you walk into a meeting with little to present, you will not convey the merits of the deal.   

Peter and Matt McLoughlin came to our September meeting (please see videos below) and gave a great overview regarding presentations to lenders and more about the development side of the business.  A quick list of what you should present includes:

  1. Collateral value analysis
  2. Comparative Market Analysis
  3. Construction Budget
  4. Underwriting Requirements
  5. Real Estate Resume

Matt will go over what he is looking for in regards to this list, he starts in the first vidwo about 20 minutes in.  These are a great replay of the meeting and as always filled with value and real estate investing tips for you. 

Hope to see you at our next meeting!  If you have never been to a meeting before, pre-register for your first meeting for free!  Happy investing!

Bernadette Trafton, Chief Connector, Boston AREIA












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