What is the biggest problem most business owners face?

  I’ve asked that question to many business owners…

And, I get a different response every time.  Money is typically an answer, no time to market, no time to work on their business because they are so busy working in their business.  But, really, it all boils down to lack of leads that they can convert into customers, which would help them with their cashflow and ultimately give them more time. 

In today’s day and age, most people know that they need to be online and have a website.  The problem is that just having a website is not good enough.  If you have a website and you don’t know how to drive leads to that website it’s like putting up a billboard in the desert.  That’s right, it’s really dry there and there is no traffic driving by.  So, it’s important to find ways to drive traffic to your website. 

The misconception that I’ve been encountering is that people believe because they type in their business name into Google and their business website comes up, they believe that they are ranking and driving leads to their website.  Not true.  What you’ve done is made it very easy for your existing customers to find you online.  You are not doing anything to drive NEW customers to your website, which is a problem.  Because, we are all looking for new customers, right? 

If this sounds like you or if you don’t even have a website or a social networking presence, don’t feel bad, you are not alone.  It doesn’t matter what industry you are in.  You can be a new real estate investor, a seasoned real estate investor, own a business separate from your real estate investing that you are trying to grow.  You are not alone.  If I could offer you a solution, would you take the time to hear  it? 

If you can answer yes to any of the questions listed below, then we need to get together to talk about what you are doing to get online, and more importantly get found an drive qualified leads to you. 


  1. Are you looking to maximize your ROI on advertising for your business?
  2. Are you like numerous business owners in today’s digital market place who are getting lost in the mass of advertising and digital media online?
  3. Are you like many who don’t even have an online presence and are losing business because your competitors do?
  4. Does the thought of digital media and creating an online presence leave you confused and make your head spin?
  5. If I could show you a solution that would take the guesswork out, designed to drive more business to your doorstep, would you take advantage of it?
  6. Last question, how much is it costing you by not generating leads online?


For years, I’ve been helping business owners, real estate investors and more figure out ways to drive leads to their businesses.  I can help you too.  To set up a 1 on 1 meeting with me to figure out where you are at in your marketing, where you want to be and most importantly how to get there, shoot me an email at Bernadette@BostonAREIA.com so we can figure out a time to meet.  I’m excited about the solutions that are available and as always, I committed to helping small to medium size business owners compete in today’s market place.  I look forward to hearing from you. 


Bernadette Trafton, Boston AREIA Chief Connector

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