Probate and last day to take advantage of our summer promotion

Good morning folks, today, June 30th, is the last chance to take advantage of our summer promotion saving new members and those renewing $25 on an individual membership and $50 on a joint membership.  You will see the summer promotion after you’ve chosen the membership and completed the information page, you will be given an option to choose the membership plan, be sure to scroll down and choose the summer special, it reflects the discount.  This promotion is going on through June 30th.  So be sure to act today.

In today’s day of difficulty finding deals, probate continues to be one of the best ways to come across properties.  Typically, you have successors, who have no idea what to do with a property.  They don’t know how they are going to take care of the stuff that has accumulated in the property over the years and chances are they live in a different area than the property is located.  It’s your job to let them know that an investor will help with all of the issues that they are facing.  An investor take care of the clean up after they’ve removed the sentimental items they want to take with them.  

So, how do you find probate deals.  Well, you can go down to your local courthouse and pull probate records.  Or, you can search online for some probate leads companies.  Once you collect the data, you need to mail the executors letters.  Be sure to let them know you are sorry for their loss and are in the market to purchase properties in their area.  Be sure to include that you are a cash buyer with the ability to close per their schedule and you will take care of cleanup of the property.  You may need to mail these folks a few times.  They are most likely getting more than one letter.  Chances are the investor who’s letter they see the most, will be the one they call.  

I’m in the process of working with a list company.  Let’s see how it goes, and I will then refer them to all of you.  Also, we are going to be learning some things about crowd funding in the upcoming months, so, keep your eyes open for emails.  And, members of Boston AREIA get 2 free coaching sessions, so, if you haven’t met with me yet, be sure to contact us to set up an appointment.  



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