Are you living abundantly and Rehab Tour Saturday, June 13

                                       Is that an odd question to ask?

I’ve been asking myself alot of questions about abundance lately.  And, realizing that abundance means different things to different people.  I wrote a blog on my other website that you may be interested in reading – Are you living abundantly?  It focuses on how you determine what abundance is in your life and to be careful that you aren’t letting someone elses ideals determine what’s important in your life.  I always ask new investors, why real estate?  Are they choosing real estate because they’ve seen some TV commercials with gurus cashing big paychecks?  Or do they have a burning desire to restore and rehab properties?  Answering that why is one of the most important questions you should answer.  If your passion isn’t real estate, better to know before you waste your time.  Time is so limited.  Find your passion and live abundantly.  

Saturday, June 13th – 39 Candy Lane, Brockton Rehab tour, 11;30am – 2pm     

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We will tour the property at 39 Candy Lane, Brockton, MA, then Chris Coute with Brownstone will go through the specifics about the deal: 

1. How they found the deal 

2. How they estimated the rehab 

3. How they funded the deal 

4. What their projected earnings will be 

5. How they teamed with one of their joint venture students 

6. How you can joint venture with Brownstone with their Fast Track Joint Venture Program

Saturday June 13, 11;30 am – 2pm – 39 Candy Lane, Brockton, MA. There is NO cost to attend this rehab tour and training…see you there!



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