Thursday meeting and ever wonder why the gurus are so successful

  I am incredibly excited about Thursday’s meeting…

I can’t wait for Thursdays meeting.  Over the past 2 years I’ve learned an incredible amount on online marketing working one on one with Adam Blake from Thrivehive.  The websites they’ve helped me create are awesome and the coaching with Adam every month has made look at marketing in a way I hadn’t thought of before and he’s helped me keep current on the most effective marketing methods.  We’ve most recently been talking about Facebook marketing.  Following Adam’s training, our Facebook leads have more than tripled.  They’ve created 3 websites for me and I’ve had people reach out to me to come to Boston AREIA meetings, I’ve had people contact me to sell houses at and I’ve had people reach out to me to learn about network marketing through  And, we all know that more leads = more money.  So, make sure you come on Thursday night to learn how you can generate more leads through Facebook.    

Now, the reason that the gurus are so successful is that they are master marketers.  I’ve already expressed why I don’t really like their training methods.  But, I have to respect the way they market.   They use every method possilbe.  They use offline marketing like direct mail campaigns, bandit signs and radio advertising, they have websites, use paid and organic Facebook and Twitter marketing, they write blog posts, do video logs which for some have led to TV shows and has perpetuated their marketing even more.  Now, granted, we don’t have TV programs, but, we can incorporate all the other methods that they incorporate.  It is important to choose 

So, here is your marketing homework, regardless of what level you are at in your business;

  1. If you don’t have a website, create one or have Thrivehive create it for you.  It’s cheap money, your website is customized and you can get a marketing coach in the process.  
  2. Whether you have a website or not, write a blog post, you can upload it to your website and market it when it’s done.  I don’t care if you think you have anything to write about, write.  I recently wrote a post of business lessons I learned from my 10 year old at Universal.  You may think it sounds silly, but, it was the most read post I’ve written.  It goes to show that people want to do business with folks they know, like and trust, they can only get to know you online if you tell them about you through what you write.
  3. Create a Facebook page, Twitter and Googleplus account for your business.
  4. Get to the meeting at Boston AREIA on Thursday night to learn about Facebook marketing.
  5. When you do your direct mail or bandit signs, no I don’t recommend radio unless you are Kiyosaki or another guru, used tracked phone lines so you know where the lead came from.  Homework – create a direct mail campaign or have some bandit signs created, your choice, the mail campaign is easier and it’s always legal, no matter what location you are in.  
  6. Do a video log and post it to your social media accounts
  7. Repeat 2,5 and 6 weekly and you will build your lead funnel….remember more leads = more money

Remember, members of Boston AREIA get 2 free coaching sessions and I’m happy to share tips and help you set or revamp your business plan.  

See you Thursday….until then make it a great week.

Yours in success, 

Bernadette Trafton, Boston AREIA Chief Connector


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