Memorial day, did you do your homework, recap of marketing on FB

                                 So, I’ve been thinking about Memorial day…

My daughter, Alexa, was a little upset on FB because people were not only remembering the fallen who gave their lives for our country, but, also thanking her for serving in the Navy.  She was adamant that there are many days to thank her and others who are serving, Memorial day is a day to remember the fallen.  I don’t completely agree with her and it got me thinking.  I was thinking about my father.  He served in Vietnam and was a hero, is still a hero.  One of his fellow Dust Off Officers Robert B. Robeson wrote about him in an article entitled ”What Pappy taught me” part 1 and ”What Pappy taught me” part 2.  It referenced one of the many missions my father had flown serving as a medevac pilot.

 ”(Continued from Part 1)  That day, Pappy and I were back-hauling patients from our field-site aid station at LZ Baldy (approximately 25 miles south of Da Nang) to hospitals in Da Nang. It was early afternoon and the Baldy aid station radio operator told us what had happened while we waited for doctors to stabilize a small Vietnamese boy we were to carry.” …..”Pappy knew there is nothing so intimate as sharing someone’s dying with them. And he proved to me that he felt intense emotional pain for this dead boy and those who loved him. It was a special “random act of kindness” contributed long before this phrase became chic.” 

The story is a testament to the man my father was.  Now, he did not die in Vietnam.  But, he struggled daily with his experiences.  Most of the time, he was silent in his struggle.  I only heard him speak of his experience once when my brothers were there.  I know I don’t know near the depths of his pain with this one story and what he told that night.  Today, I remember my Dad and what he and others who he served with experienced.  I remember, how, unlike the fallen, they had to live with all that they saw.  Take time everyday to remember all who have served, recognize they may be silently struggling and reach out if you can.  I’m proud of my father, I miss him everday and I lost him far too young.  

Whew….now on to real estate.  Question…did you do your homework?  From the last blog post…make sure you let me know how it’s going.  If you set up your business FB page, hit us up on FB so that we can promote your page.  Also, remember, as a member of Boston AREIA, you get 2 free coaching sessions with me.  Be sure to contact me, to schedule your sessions if you are a member.

At the last meeting, Adam Blake of Thrivehive shared with us when used properly Facebook can be one of the cheapest and most effective way for a small business to advertise.  You can target the exact consumer you want to, from where they live to whether they are married as well as their interests and what they search for online.  

Understand that your service is not something people search for proactively.  There are folks out there searching real estate investing, but, the folks who are selling their houses aren’t those people.  So, advertising in this ways gets your message out to the potential seller and is a time sensitive prospect for them.  If they are in the market and they see your ad, they will click to learn about what you can do for them.  It can also be a time sensitive ad perhaps promoting your most recent rehab on a specific date.  Or a wholesaler listing a time to meet potential rehabbers at a property.  You can create an ad for rehabbers to opt-in to your deals newsletter to increase your buyer’s list.  Make sure that your ads are sending people to your website and targeting people near your business.  Don’t be spammy with your posts, try to offer education or promote an event and let folks know what they will learn and experience at the event.  Use pictures and don’t use more than 20 percent text.  

Adam taught so many tips, too numerous for a blog post.  So, I’ve decided to review them at the 5pm coaching session at our our June 18th meeting which is focused on deals and networking.  Bring your deals, LOTS of business cards and if you know any Boston area GC’s or service professionals, invite them to come.  If I can help before then, let me know.  

To our mutual success..Bernadette Trafton, Boston AREIA Chief Connector




  1. Robert B. Robeson says


    I just stumbled on this website and was surprised to have my articles about my old Dust Off comrade, and your dad, mentioned in your post. It brought back a lot of memories. The good part of this is those words in these articles will last forever on the internet and thousands, perhaps millions, will have access to the details of part of his exemplary service and overall heroism as a helicopter pilot, and previously as a Special Forces enlisted man. He taught me how to fly my first combat tactical approach and I won’t ever forget what I learned from him in the cockpit in 1969, that helped to get me home alive, too. He was a special person and I continue to miss him, too.

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