Using Facebook to grow your business, video testimonial and more

               Good afternoon folks!

We had a fantastic meeting in Carver with Brownstone RG.  I am thrilled at the number of Joint Venture partners that I’ve referred to Brownstone who are doing deals!  Check out this video that I took of Corey Besner with Archpath Properties on his recent rehab and partnering with Brownstone:

My passion is helping others to succeed!  Corey is just one Joint Venture Partner finding success with Brownstone RG.  I’ve been learning a ton about Facebook marketing over the past few months!  For new businesses, Facebook is offering some pretty cool ways to pay to advertise your business.  Thrivehive, my website folks did a great webinar on Facebook marketing recently.  And, I’ve started to implement some of the systems.  We also learned from Chris Parker over at some key pointers that will help with SEO.  I’ve put together a short list of important things to do below:

  1. Make sure that your social networks are linked back to your website, so, whether it’s Facebook or Twitter, make sure that you link back to your website.  
  2. In order to monetize your marketing efforts, make sure there is a call to action on your website – CALL NOW, EMAIL TODAY
  3. Make sure that you have goole analytics on your site, it’s free.  Beware of companies asking to be paid to do this, go to  and set your website up, this will allow you to track visits and where the leads are coming from.  
  4. When you’ve set up your Facebook account for your business, check out the options for advertising your business.  It’s relatively inexpensive and you can specify your target audience and pay for visits to your website and likes on your Facebook page.  I prefer focusing on visits to your website, because if you have a call to action, can monetize your advertising and focus on converting sales or in the case of real estate investing, converting phone calls and emails to deals.  You have to be able to track your ROI (return on investment).  
  5. I have begun to market and have begun a few compaigns in Facebook.  In a few days, I’m over 70 likes, of those about 15 people actually went to the website. I received one spam call and 1 call with someone looking to sell their property.  I’ve spent about $25 on the advertising.  If the one real call turns into a deal, I typically make $10k on a wholesale deal.  Is spending $25 worth it, to make $10k?  Now, that’s not to say I’m going to make $10k on every $25 I spend, but, honestly, I pay a $1k finder’s fee to people who bring deals that close.  So, I’m willing to pay alot more than $25 for a real deal.  So, you have to determine how much money you are willing to pay for a deal.  
  6. Facebook, Twitter, your website all play a part in branding you and your business.  So, make sure your message is consistent.  
  7. Connect with Chris Parker over at YP if you have questions about how they use advertising with YP, google campaigns and creative marketing techniques in combination with your social campaigns to drive more leads to your business.  You can reach Chris at, when you are talking to him, remember how much you would be willing to pay for a deal.  

Make it a great week and I will see you on April 16th!  Chris Coute is going to go through a deal they brought to another student and then it’s all about funding your deals!

And, get to the Brownstone RG all day Redevelopement workshop!

Bernadette Trafton, Boston AREIA Chief Connector


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