Chris Chapin replay, network marketing and before you go see Kiyosaki

  Good afternoon folks, before you go see Kiyosaki’s crew, 

understand what you are getting into.  Yes, they are offering you a free seminar.  But, know they will try to sell you a course or a bootcamp with the ultimate goal of getting into their expensive real estate coaching or mentoring program.  I have nothing against education.  But, most of the folks I know who have bought into that type of program aren’t successful.  There always seems to be missing links in finding, funding and really lack of confidence to pull the trigger.  Don’t get me wrong, the education is great.  They have a mentor Ace who I have alot of respect for.  I just think folks need to get connected with local seasoned investors who have the answers for the Boston and surrounding MA market.  In fact, every time there is an event they send folks to Boston AREIA.  Which is great.  Unfortunately, I see the same thing over and over.  People are part of the program, get super excited beause their mentor is coming for 4 days, they know they are going to get a deal and then I see them the next month and it didn’t quite work out that way.  I can count on one hand the people I have met who have been succesful.  If you are looking for an all day event to attend, Check out Brownstone’s all day event in June.

So, I’m curious, what does network marketing mean to everyone?  Feel free to write me at .  To me, network marketing means marketing through your network.  It is the key to any successful business.  There are also network marketing companies that promote specific services and products.  Typically these companies have a multi-level payment structure and the representatives have the ability to earn on the efforts of a team that they’re building.  That’s every business owners dream to own a system and leverage the time of other people to make money.  Now, I KNOW that people have strong opinions either positive or negative regarding network marketing companies because of an experience they may have had.  I encourage everyone to look at network marketing companies in a positive light.  Home based businesses are making a rise and are creating millionaires every year and are offering multiple streams of income for people helping to stabilize their financial lives.  And, if you’ve had a bad experience, I want to pose this question, “Have you ever had a bad experience at a restaurant?  Did that prevent you from trying every other restaurant out there?”  No, of course not.  So, keep an open mind, you never know when you will be presented a product, service or opportunity you are interested in.  And, remember, network marketers are the most highly networked people out there.  They know everyone and chances are can introduce you to someone you can do business with in real estate.  And, the tax benefits you get for owning a home based business, rock!  I believe in multiple streams of income and network marketing, if you want to know which ones I love, just ask me ( 

Shout out to Lee Kravitz, who did a blog post on a for sale by owner, check it out – 

Chris Chapin did a​​n awesome job last month and folks have been asking for a replay of his presentation.  So, here it is folks!  Yours in success!  

Bernadette Trafton, Boston AREIA Chief Connector

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