Business lessons I learned from my 10 year old in Universal

  Good morning folks,

If you are friends with me on Facebook you have seen posts of my vacation in Universal FL with my son and his best friend.  I view everything I do as an opportunity to learn and I always find that I learn the best lessons from my son.  I made sure to keep my eyes wide open during this trip.  We decided to drive, yes it was a LONG ride, to take the opportunity to see some of the country side.  We went through NY and got a picture of Yankee stadium, got pics of the home of the Phillies, spent the night in the Carolinas and I got to listen to a 10 year old and an 11 year old who are best friends chat along the way.  Long ride, but, it was priceless.  

They chatted and chatted and a lot of what they talked about, honestly, I didn’t understand, but, they giggled and giggled.  When, I asked them what they were saying, my son responded, ”You really wouldn’t get it mom, it’s why Corey and I are best friends, we GET each other.”  

Where is the business lesson in this?  In business it’s important to partner with people who ”GET” you and your business goals.  I’ve been in business with people who don’t GET me and in the end, it turned out unejoyable and worst not profitable.  I did learn a lesson though…due your due diligence before partnering with people.  A positive example for me is partnering with Kim and Chris over at Brownstone, they know that I believe in education for new investors, but, I hate the guru programs that offer no guarentee of doing a deal.  They knew when they created a program that gives the investor a deal and a share fo the profit, I’d be all over it.  And, I am.  It’s great to partner with people who get you.  

My son is deathly afraid of heights.  When he was 1 he took a tumble down the stairs.  He didn’t get hurt, but, it has stuck with him ever since.  If Harry Potter, Hogsmeade, Diagon Alley and the Hogwarts Express wasn’t here, we wouldn’t be here.  We would be at a water resort with amazing pools.  He is part fish and loves to swim.  However, even though he hates heights and rides that go fast, he stepped out of his comfort zone and went on the mini roller coaster in Dr. Zeus land, the water ride in the Jurassic Park area and he also went on the spiderman ride.  Granted, he had no idea what he was getting into in Zeus land.  We though we were going on a little train ride around, we were actually riding on a coaster above the other exhibits.  He was nervous, but, took it in stride.  He didn’t want to go on the ride in Jurassic Park or spiderman, but, he did it anyway.  When I asked him why he decided to go ahead, he said, ”Mom, I felt like I needed to push myself and face my fears a little, and I knew you were here if I needed you.  No, I don’t want to go on that Dr. Doom death drop thing, EVER, but, I felt like I needed to push myself.”  Business lesson number 2, it’s always good to push yourself and face your fears.   No, I’m not your mother, but, I am here to help and we have experts at Boston AREIA if you need us to help.  

Sebastian was waiting for me to get ready for the park.  I had just put on a top and was walking to the mirror when he piped up, “Mama, that top looks really good, you should wear that one.”

“Thanks Buddy, I really appreciate that.”

It hit me that he says stuff like that a lot.  I like those earrings Mama, thank you Mama, you are the best Mama in the whole world.  He’s always gives his honest opinion.  I know because he tells me when he doesn’t like something as well, but, he always finds something nice to say.  He came up to me on the trip and hugged me and said, “Thank you, I love you Mama.”  I said, ”That was random.”  He said, ”Well, I don’t know another mother who would not only take her son, but, her son’s best friend on vacation.  And, no one else we know would, so, I want you to know I appreciate it.”  My wise little 10 year old has mastered the art of CHARM.  Lesson 3 – Master the art of CHARM.  Be honest, but, always find something nice to say to people you are networking with.  They will remember you because of it.  It will give you the edge in business dealings because they will think of you first.  Trust me, mastering the art of charm works for everyone!

Last lesson, we were in Diagon Alley and the little man wanted to go to Ollivander’s wand shop.  He’d been wanting to go and had asked several times.  Finally, I gave in.  Yes the lesson is the fortune is in the followup.  If he wouldn’t have kept following up to go to the shop, he wouldn’t have been picked for the wand show and demonstration.  The wand master walked right up to him and said, ”Young man, WHAT is your name…come with me…the wand picks the wizard”  There is a video on my FB page…coolest thing EVER!  They key is that there are many others out there who are trying to get the deal, many people who are talking to prospective house sellers about buying their house, the person with the best followup, is the person who gets the deal most of the time.  I’ve gotten deals because I was not only the first or second person to talk to a seller, but, I was certainly the last and had continued to followup with them.  

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Thanks so much for taking the time to read this.  Hopefully Sebastian’s Lessons will help you in the way they have helped me.  Yours in Success!  And, remember, you must identify what it is you DESIRE.  You must then COMMIT to reaching that goal and you will surely SUCCEED!


Bernadette Trafton, Boston AREIA Chief Connector


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