Great Real Estate Investing Meeting at Boston AREIA with Chris Chapin from Brownstone and a bit of what you missed

  If you missed Thu night,You missed OUT!

What a phenomenal meeting we had last night at Boston AREIA!  The energy was high, the room was packed, STANDING ROOM ONLY and the presenters were awesome!  Check out the pics below.  Dickens did a fantastic job with the market update and really engaging folks in the know to interpret the trends that we are seeing in the market.  It was amazing to see what the petitions for foreclosure are doing and hearing from folks in the room had to say.  The main focus seemed to be that the 3 year bubble on the HARP  (Home Affordable Refinance Program) timelines are coming up and guess what?  People still can’t afford the mortgage, so we will be seeing more foreclosures happening over the next few months.  Big shout out to Rob and Alison Loiselle on getting their website up and running.  Check out this blog post covering a checklist for home buyers!  We have so many folks taking action, it’s so exciting!    

I was so excited to see Kim Harrington with Brownstone RG!  She didn’t talk much in front of the room, but, I know that she was sought after during networking.  Chris Parker with YP came back to discuss how YP can take your business to the next level.  He invited everyone to come to the Free Lunch and Learn on Fri, March 27th at the YP offices over at 10 Cabot Rd in Medford.  The event is 12-2 and is focused on driving leads to your website, branding and creating market awareness of how you can help all these people who are struggling with their mortgages (as pointed out in Dickens presentation).  There is very limited seating and the room is over half full already.  So RSVP with me at to reserve your seat ASAP!  He also let me know that he may be giving away another $5k in advertising at next month’s meeting.  It was great to see Felicha LaForest win the $5k in advertising last month, I can’t believe that they may do this again!  How lucky are the members of Boston AREIA?

If you missed Thursday’s meeting, you MISSED OUT!  But, I did take some notes.  The notes are really focused on the number of ways you can source deals.  Some of the ways mentioned include MLS, Realtors, Networking, Banks, Wholesalers, Friends, Short sales, Bird dogs, Classified Ads, Attorneys, FSBO Sites, CPA’s, Mortgage Brokers, Other Service Providers, Bandit signs, flyers, direct mail, Mailman, radio ads, pre-foreclosure lists, actions, divorce, estate sales, new home builders, absentee owners, for rent signs, contractors, property managers, vatious letter campaigns, other “I Buy House” signs, social networking and many more.  Chris did a great job talking about what to do when you find one, but, that’s a blog post of it’s own.  He also talked about an incredible educational opportunity for real estate investors!  It’s an all day event with Brownstone!  To learn how you can save $100 on this event and how Brownstone can help you put all the pieces together READ ALL HERE!

So, my website company Thrivehive did a great training on FB and marketing through FB.  For those of you who are marketing your business on FB, you may want to check this out –  As Adam says in the training, FB is one of the cheapest ways to get your business in front of your target audience.  I watched and of course took action and placed some ads afterwards.  We will see how it goes.

Be sure to come to the Rehab Tour in Carver on April 4th.  At our April 16th meeting, we will begin a rehabbing series prior to the main speaker.  For the next few months Chris Coute, with Brownstone RG will do a 20 min – 1/2 hour session going through the stages of a rehab.  He will focus on a different area (finding, funding, evaluating, the rehab, resale) each month and/or will go over a current rehab project.  I’m excited about this added value to the members and attendees.

        Standing room only!  Gotta love it – see you at an even soon!

Bernadette Trafton, Boston AREIA Chief Connector




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