Carver Rehab Tour with Brownstone RG

Join Boston AREIA and Brownstone Real Estate to tour one of their most recent rehabs that they are doing with one of theirjoint venture students

MUST RSVP by April 3 as Brownstone will be providing refreshments!  RSVP to 

We will tour the property, then Chris Coute with Brownstone will go through the specifics about the deal: 

1. How they found the deal 

2. How they estimated the rehab 

3. How they funded the deal 

4. What their projected earnings will be 

5. How they teamed with one of their joint venture students 

6. How you can joint venture with Brownstone with their Fast Track Joint Venture Program

Saturday April 4th, 12pm – 2pm – 71 Fosdick Rd, Carver, MA. There is NO cost to attend this rehab tour and training…see you there!

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