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  Hi folks! Are you happy with the weather?

I know that I am!  Perhaps the electric bill will be a little lower this month.  So, I’ve been teaching folks about making sure they set up their online storefronts.  In today’s age, people look for houses online and they look to sell their houses online.  If you aren’t online, how can they find you?  You can do direct mail campaigns and you may get a few people to respond, but the rate is very low, I’m talking 1% or even less.  A website is an inexpensive way to get your name out there.  If you are overwhelmed with the thought of creating a website, the folks at Thrivehive can help.  They charge a minimal fee to build your website for you and you get an online portal to post blogposts and build your SEO.

I want to make sure that everyone knows, even though the gurus will tell you no money down and yada, yada, yada.  It costs money to market for deals.  If someone complains about not getting deals, I ask them how much they are spending on marketing and what they are doing marketing.  If they say, not a lot or none, than I know what the problem is.  I recently did a post on finding properties at deep discount.  But, even with those, you have to spend money on marketing to create a true pipeline of deals and set yourself up to receive referrals from others.  

I get it that not everyone has alot of money for marketing.  But, you have to set aside a marketing budget every week.  Whether you are driving for dollars, doing direct mail campaigns or scanning auction sites, getting your website up and running, it costs money.  So, if a guru tells you it doesn’t cost anything, they are lying.  You have to be prepared to spend money.  Your budget doesn’t have to be $500 to $2000 a month in the beginning.  It can be the cost of a latte a day and you can find deals.  One of my mentors Dale Johnson had the perfect response when people complained they didn’t have enough money to get things going.  He would ask, “Everyday when you get home, you have spare change in your pocket and if you looked in your car, you would probably be able to find a few bucks in the seats or on the floor, right?  And, everyday, on your way to work, you grab a coffee at the local Dunkin Donuts or Starbucks, right?  Well, if I could show you a way to take the change and the money you are spending on coffee every week and turn 10’s of dollars into 10’s of thousands of dollars every month, would you be interested?”  That’s the way you have to think.  Are you willing to give up your Dunks or your Starbucks so that you have money to market to get deals that can turn 10’s or dollars into 10’s of thousands of dollars?  

There are inexpensive way to create lead generation.  We are going to be talking alot about that on Thu, March 19th with Chris Chapin.  However, one inexpensive way is to create a website, blog, use social media and linking/back linking with other sites for SEO.     

Now, I’ve gotten deals through the Boston AREIA website.  Folks call me and say, “I’ve got this property” all the time.  Sometimes its out of state stuff, but, I’ve had some deals come across that have paid for the website forever.  But, I’ve never really had a website focused on just buying properties.  It’s been a goal of mine to complete it.  With the help of Thrivehive, the website is now live!  I’d love your feedback.  Here it is- BuyMyHouseBostonAREIA.  All feedback is welcome.  One of the ways I will increase SEO for this website it to link and backlink so that it can borrow off of the Boston AREIA  SEO.  Check out the blog I wrote about selling to an investor vs listing with an agent.  For members of Boston AREIA, I’m happy to link back to your site, if you link to Boston AREIA.  Lee Kravitz with LSK Real Estate Investments.  At the end of every blog he links back to us.  He emails me every time he does a blog, so that I will link back to him.  It’s really great for SEO.  I do this for my marketing coaching students, but, I am happy to do so for members as well.  

Remember, when you are marketing, you need to have a long term committment, be prepared to spend money,  be realistic about your budget, don’t say you can spend $500 a month, when really, you only have $200, blogging and using social media requires consistent follow-up, let people know about their options, blog about it – list with an agent vs sell to an investor, sell it by themselves, declare bancruptcy, etc…, distinguish yourself by giving great education and information when you blog and they will get to know, like and trust you more quickly and will call you first when they need to sell.

Enjoy the gorgeous weather we are having.  Remember that ENERGY IS EVERYTHING!  What you put into something is what you are going to get out of it!  Give your dreams the energy they deserve.  

Bernadette Trafton, Boston AREIA Chief Connector

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