I’m done with the snow, a property viewing with my new business partner

 Good morning folks, 

How done with the snow are you?  I know I’ve about had enough of it.  Our average winter snowfall is around 45 inches.  That’s for the entire winter.  We’ve had more than that in less than 2 weeks.  I’d be curious how the continuous snow is affecting everyone.  It snowed for what 36 hours straight and is projected to snow again on Thursday and Saturday.  Enough is enough already.  Mother Nature, can you have some pity on us and bring some sunshine?  

Now, my new business partner, my son Sebastian, is thrilled because he again has no school.  He gets to stay home and in between helping me shovel, he gets to play xbox with his friends.  I was going to go look at a property…but, the roads are awful.  And, I don’t feel comfortable bringing Sebastian driving in these nasty conditions.  But, we had a great day not too long ago.  

First, I have to say, I have been very inspired by Terri and Zyon Naroian.  Zyon is Terri’s 14 year old son and is also her business partner.  He runs the numbers and takes care of the website and Facebook page and what not.  He really has a great mind for business.  And, will be a terrific real estate investor.  Sebastian is only 10, but, I figured, why not, right?

Now, Sebastian has been struggling a little with math lately.  He’s awesome where reading and anything that has to do with reading like history.  But, when it comes to math…not so much.  So, I grabbed him out of school a little early one day and actually met Terri at a house with him.  He took all the pictures and then when we got home, he ran all the numbers using our rehab estimate worksheet.  The numbers actually worked for this property.  Unfortunately, there was a land lease on it, kind of like what you would experience at a trailor park.  So, the end buyer would never actually own the land the property was on.  None of my rehabbers were interested in it because of the possible difficulties with resale.  So, we didn’t make an offer.  But, Terri told me it went under contract within a few weeks.  So, someone thought it was a good deal.  I’m excited about our upcoming meeting because I will be bringing my new business partner with me!

I was recently reading a great Blog post entitled Buyer Beware from Lee Kravtiz with LSK Real Estate.  He is one of our coaching students.  Check it out here – http://lskrealestateinvestment.com/2015/01/29/buyer-beware/, it’s all about being careful when you are out looking at deals.  

Now…I don’t know about everyone else…but, these electric rates are driving me insane.  But, I know many people in MA who have access to Viridian’s 3 DOM rates are happy with the lower rates they are receiving compared to other rates.

BTW,  have you see all of the wholesale deals from our friends at Brownstone who are now accepting new students for their Fast Track program?  I’ve seen several of them come across and have been excited to see what they are up to! 

I’m very excited that Attorney Ken Cossingham is coming to our Feb 19th meeting to discuss and prevent title issues.  We also have special guest Christopher Parker who will discuss how to use adwords and other creative marketing techniques to bring more deals into your website and I’m also working on a great meeting for march that will be all about marketing for deals.  

Good luck with the upcoming snow we are expecting and I look forward to seeing you next week!  Pray for a break in this crazy weather…oh and lastly, GO PATS!  How about Brady, Edelman, The Gronk and The Butler!!!

Bernadette Trafton, Boston AREIA Chief Connector



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