Rave reviews and 11/20 meeting followup!

  What an incredible meeting we had this Thursday!

I felt the energy in the room and loved our meeting this past Thursday, but, I love getting theses types of reviews of Boston AREIA!

Carl Dahlberg – I have to say, tonight’s meeting was particularly awesome. You mentioned at the end that sometimes you will help new members with coaching sessions.  May I impose on you for a little coaching?  I have thought and thought about real estate investing for years but I think it’s time I truly committed myself – I just don’t know where to start.  If you’re available for lunch sometime I would love to pick your brains.  (***Side note, I met with Carl on Friday and am excited to help him reach his goals!)

Kristin Flair – My first meeting with Boston REIA! WHOOT WHOOOT! Great to be back in the area I grew up in! FANTASTIC Job Bernadette to you and the people in your network. I think its awesome that there are so many people so willing to pass along such valuable information. No sales pitch! I look forward to following up with my new connects to see where I may add value to any of their projects. Peter is the Bomb! Wealth of information is an understatement! Hehe. learned about 5 pages of notes if that is any indication! He stands behind his word. The numbers never lie. 😉

Garrett Mezzetti – It really was a great meeting! There was a great energy in the room, and being able to meet so many like-minded people from every sector of the industry was invaluable. Thank you Peter for taking the time to share so much of your extensive experience. And thank you, Bernadette, for organizing such a great event and being so accommodating to all of us first-timers! We’ll see you next month!

Ky PetukhExcellent, Great speakers!

Hayward Myers – I have to say last Thursday’s meeting was better than I expected, and by far has been the best REIA club meetings I’ve been to so far. I wanted to weigh my options before I joined any REIA group, and since I had a good experience with the people last Thursday I jumped in head first and joined. 

Talk about being excited after those reviews!  First, I have to thank Chris Coute and Peter McLoughlin for sharing some incredible information with the members an visitors of Boston AREIA.  Chris talked about forms and the Fast Track Joint Venture program that Brownstone is running.  It’s different than any coaching program I’ve seen, they will show you how to find deals, then they will bring your first deal to you and will train you to manage the project.  And, you earn a percentage of the projects at the time of sale.  Earn while you learn.  It’s awesome!  To get more information about the program CLICK HERE! 

We also talked about my website company and how amazing my results have been with lead generation for Boston AREIA and for generating real estate deals.  I’ve been inspired to have them either do a webinar or come to the meeting to do some training regarding the creative marketing we’ve been skyrocketing visits to the website, packing the room and bringing deals to the table!  People go online to buy and sell their properties, if you aren’t online, they can’t find you easily and these guys will build the website for you at low or no cost depending on the program you choose, CLICK HERE to request a free consultation. 

Lastly, Peter McLoughlin was phenomenal!  He covered all aspects of real estate from funding to all of the key considerations involved in real estate including, market cycle, lending markets, city/neighborhood/location, asset type, underwriting the deal, deal team and deal structuring.  He did recommend an article on the market cycle – http://www.dce.harvard.edu/professional/blog/how-use-real-estate-trends-predict-next-housing-bubble which he’s bought into regarding where we are at in the cycle.  A big question that folks had was how to estimate properly, so he sent over a copy of a project repair form.  To get a copy, just contact me and ask for it.  I will eventually put it in our How to’, tips and tricks section, but, for now, just reach out, I promise to respond.  For more information about Peter and his team, click here!

I am so looking forward to our next meeting!  Chris Coute will get more in depth about their program and we will network, network and network more, we will give out gifts and prizes….it is a week before Christmas after all!  Look forward to seeing you there!  

Yours in Success, 

Bernadette Trafton, Boston AREIA Chief Connector


  1. Nii Adjetey says

    Last Thursday, November 20, 2014 was my very first meeting with the BOSTONAREIA. I was impressed by the number of like-minded and friendly people at the meeting. The night was a big blessing to me as a beginner in real estate investment. I left the meeting with a lot of good information, and that raised my level of excitement in the industry. Finally, thank you Bernadette, for the invitation. I was one of the T-Shirt winners too. GREAT GROUP and A GREAT MEETING!!!

  2. says

    Just started getting back into my investment pursuits after a short hiatus. Looking forward to the next meeting, I remember how beneficial and informative this one was! Definitely a huge help in getting started, I will refer back to the information I received in this meeting to help me with my future endeavors.

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