Checks in the mail and Wash, Rinse Repeat

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I’ve been listening to The Secret for the past 2 months.  Now, I’ve always tried to practice the principles but, sometimes you get caught up in life and everything around you and you stray away from mindset exercises that you may do.  One of the parts of The Secret talks about focusing on getting checks in the mail.  If you’ve got bills, pretend they are checks and get yourself into the mindset that you are receiving checks.  Now, I’ve done this exercise before and know that it works.  But, because of personal happenings and most of my focus being on those happenings, over the past 2 years, that wasn’t my focus.  Well, it’s been proven that it works over and over again.  So, beginning in September, I start visualizing checks coming in the mail.  I wasn’t specific about where the checks were coming from, just that I would be receiving them.  I got myself psyched up every day before I checked the mail and if there were bills I pretended that they were checks.  The Secret tells you to write down the totals and then be grateful that you are receiving.  Sounds a little mumbo jumbo, I know, but, I knew that it worked before, so I did it again.  Well, after about 30 days of focusing, guess what?  The checks are coming in the mail.  The first one was for a real estate investment deal that I was working on since June.  Well, it finally closed and out of nowhere I got a check…a nice one by the way that added up to all of those bills.  The next week, out of the blue, I got another check for a referral I had made months back.  Honestly, I had forgotten about it, so was totally surprised when the check came in.  The following week, I got another check for another referral that I had forgotten about and the last week in October, I received 2 checks, one I was expecting, the other I wasn’t for referrals on real estate investment deals that I had helped put together.  Yesterday, I went through my routine of getting excited before going to grab the mail.  I wasn’t really expecting anything, not even bills because they are all paid, but, low and behold, I opened my mailbox and guess what?  There was another substantial check in the mail for referral commissions for deals that were funded that I didn’t even know had gone through.  How cool is THAT?!!!  So, even if it sounds silly to you, if you are wanting checks in the mail, set your intention that you WILL be receiving them.  I’m thinking about doing a coaching session just on this subject because it works for everthing and can work for everyone! 

Now,  I am super excited when my real estate investment coaching students actually listen to me.  Often times, folks feel they have a better way, so when they listen and do what I asked, I get super excited.  I’m so excited that Terri and Zyon have been listening to me and blogging regularly.  Zyon’s latest blog entitled Wash, Rinse, Repeat is below.  I did tell Zyon that one of my pet peeves is Wash, Rinse, Repeat because that’s not what we do, we Rinse, Lather and Repeat.  Read any shampoo bottle, it will say rinse or wet your hair, apply shampoo and lather then repeat.  But, that’s ok…everyone else knows the addage Wash, Rinse, Repeat and the fact that a 14 year old has picked up on this is awesome!  By the way, they’ve visited several properties over the past week and have been submitting them to me for review and to see what they can offer on the properties so they are definitely following through and I can’t wait to see them do their first deal!

Be Set Real Estate Solutions. It seems so surreal when I say it out loud. Recently, I have realized how real all of this really is, and it just gets me even more excited for our future as a business.

Lately we have been working on some offers. We have 3 that will go out within the next few days, due to our hard work. My mom has been driving for dollars quite a lot; even more than we had planned on doing. That is probably why we have the opportunity to make offers on these homes so soon.

While my mom has been out and about driving for dollars, I have been at home on Warren Group Foreclosures finding houses in pre-foreclosure to send letters to. Usually we meet together at some point and discuss what we can do next while we prepare letters to be mailed. To some people this process would seem somewhat tedious and boring, but we enjoy it to an extent. That doesn’t mean it’s more fun than other things, but we don’t see it as a chore or a necessity, we see it as an opportunity. Even though this part of the process can be somewhat fun, the best part is going to see homes we can improve and enhance.  

I never really grasped how much there is to real estate investing until now. First we need to actually find houses, if its driving for dollars or looking online. Then we have to actually find the owner(s) of the properties and call or send letters to them, after actually writing the letters. After that we just repeated the process hoping for a call back. Usually when we did get a call back it was to take people off of our mailing list, but every once in a while we got a call from someone interested in what we could help them with.

Throughout this process we would make new connections and see how we could improve.

Vivis vitam in tuo termino “Live life on your own terms” (I’m taking latin in high school)


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