Unsecured lines of credit webinar

One of the most often asked questions that I get is, “HOW DO I FUND MY DEAL?”

  Depending on the deal, there are many answers to that question from private money to hard money.  One option that a few of our seasoned investors are using is unsecured lines of credit with Aurelian Commercial Lending.  Join us on Wednesday, 10/20/2014 at 8pm.  There are limited spots available, so please register asap!


John Syron of Aurelian Commercial Lending

“Unsecured Funding for your Business”

A program enabling good credit individuals to fund their small business and startup companies.  This is a great option to fund your real estate investing business. 


Aurelian Commercial Lending is founded by CEO John Syron,  He has ensured Aurelian has the resources to fund and access to over $500 million in capital and capital commitments. In addition to private funding, he also established a partnership network of capital resources collectively making billions of dollars available to Aurelian Commercial Lending, giving ACL the financial security it needs to fund any size project. With the same prodigious skill and determination in his earlier endeavors, Mr. Syron has positioned ACL as a leader in the commercial and commercial real estate development markets.

Mr. Syron balances his professional life with charity work. The Syron Foundation is a charitable institution devoted to helping children battling debilitating diseases such as autism, promoting creative and artistic expression in the education system, and supporting other programs that similarly safeguard and inspire children throughout the world.


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