Adventures of a 14 year old real estate investor!

  How cool is it…

When you see young people striving to learn what many are learning at the ages of 30, 40, 50 or more!  Check out Adventures of a 14 year old real estate investor to whom I recently became a real estate investing coach!

Hey everyone! Recently my mom and I started a joint business venture called Be Set Real Estate Solutions. I’m here to talk to you about our adventures and hardships we will endure to build a college fund and passive income for my sisters and I.

My mom has been interested in real estate for years now. She said she always wanted to start a real estate business, but was waiting on a reliable business partner. When she brought up this idea to me, at first, I thought she had gone crazy, but after a while I realized what a great opportunity this was. On top of an amazing experience I am able to help myself and my sisters make it to college.

The first step we took starting our business was joining Boston AREIA, a real estate investors group. We signed up for 2 sessions of coaching from Bernadette Trafton. Our first meeting with her was very educational and helped me learn more about real estate as a whole. She helped us find a general direction to go in before our first Boston AREIA meeting. I was surprised at how inviting the group was to us and, once again, how much we learned. After the Boston AREIA meeting we figured out our current goals. We had decided that we wanted to start our real estate investing careers with wholesaling. Our longer term goal was to build up enough profit to purchase a multi-family home for us to move into and rent out. We have been working tirelessly towards our goals for a couple of weeks now and are proud to say we have already made a few offers on houses and my mom has enrolled in classes to become a real estate agent.

On a more personal note, I was worried at first of people’s acceptance of a 14 year old boy entering the world of real estate. I was expecting most people to be skeptical about my abilities to make offers, run a business and even comprehend all the information needed to complete these tasks. To my surprise everyone I have met so far has been very encouraging and helpful. Although I still have a lot to learn I feel as though I am up to the task of completing the work I have committed myself to accomplishing.

Wish me luck!

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