Adventures of a 14 year old real estate investor – Building Momentum

  Hi there folks!  I’m so excited about Zyon’s new post!  He is a very action oriented young man working diligently with his mother in pursuit of their real estate goals.  We had a terrific coaching session yesterday and today they were off looking at properties in Merrimac, Amesbury and Groveland.  I can’t wait to see their blog post about that!  And, a note to Zyon…if a picture of your laptop doesn’t motivate you to take action…ask yourself what will?  If taking action is your motivation….than keep going the way you have been!  You guys are doing awesome and I’m proud of you!  Bernadette 


Over the past few days I have been pretty excited about the business. Our second round of driving for dollars letters were received, and we got a call back! We looked at the numbers and really liked them, but there was a twist. There was a mortgage on the house, but we researched a little more and had a bit of help figuring out how much we could offer. Even if the offer isn’t accepted, we are still happy our work is at least starting to pay off.

Also over the course of the past week, we got in touch with Peg Graveline from JEM Property Group. She was very helpful and we were grateful to get the opportunity to speak with her. As a matter of fact we are very grateful for all of the help we have gotten since we started this journey. Hopefully everyone else that decides to start something new, gets as much support as we have.

When we had a meeting with Bernadette, from Boston AREIA, she suggested that we start “vision boards”.  We could use them to remind us of the reward we would get after our first deal. Lately it had seemed like those were the only things driving us, but it has been extremely reassuring talking to Peg and getting a call back on our mailings.  Those seem to be better motivation than a picture of a top-of-the-line laptop on my wall, or in my mom’s case a picture of boots.

Whether it’s a pair of boots, a gaming laptop or callbacks from our mailings, as long as we stay motivated, we are building momentum in the right direction.  Our first deal may just be right around the corner.  
         -Wish Me Luck
             Zyon –


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