Great meeting last Thursday and guess what? Google really likes when you use…

Google really likes when you use…

Yup….google.  So, get google plus accounts for your real estate investing business.  I’ve been building up my personal google plus account and…though it’s been helping, my website coaches said that we need to really focus on creating a Google Plus account for Boston AREIA and post our blog posts on real estate investing there.  Go figure, when a person is searching Google for the latest information, if your website is linked through Google Plus and your blogs are posted, they will typically end up higher on the searching food chain than other posts. 

So, I’m going to ask everyone who reads this to add Boston AREIA to your circles on your Google Plus account.  I will certainly add you back! 

We had a great meeting this past Thursday night!  We networked like crazy!  The energy in the room was phenomenal.  We talked about the importance of blogging and back linking and using social media to help with your marketing.  We gave away some prizes and everyone was able to stand up and tell the room who they are, what they do and who they are looking to connect with for their real estate investing in and around the Boston area.  We had all types of folks at the meeting.  There were hard money lenders, seasoned investors, newbies, wholesalers, rehabbers and more!   

So, things are going awesome with the folks I’m coaching, a few are finishing with their 2 free coaching sessions, others jumped right in to the monthly coaching program.  I love people who take action.  Folks are getting their lead generation systems up and running and some are making offers on distressed local properties, which is AWESOME!  I’m really proud of the progress they are making in such a short time.  

I’m incredibly excited for our upcoming meeting!  2 of my favorite professionals are tag teaming this meeting to make sure you know how to Protect your A$$ets!  Attorney Ken Cossingham and CPA Joe Craft have planned a great presentation for you!  Bring your questions, bring your energy and bring your business cards!  There are always great opportunities to network at Boston AREIA!

Well, I’m off and running, I just got an email about a property in Dorchester.  Make it a great day and remember energy is EVERYTHING, what you put into what you are doing is what you will get out of it!  The more energy, the better the results!  Wayne Gretsky said, “100 percent of the shots you don’t take, won’t go in!”  So, take some action and take your shot today!

Bernadette Trafton, Chief Connector

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