8/21, meeting recap, real estate deals and more

​​  Good morning folks!  What an awesome meeting we had at Boston AREIA last week!  I’m so excited about everyone who was there.  I did promise to put out a link with the PEP TALK from Kid President that Alex and Kathy wanted to share last night.  I really need to get speakers to attach to my computer!  But, I did want to give you the link to listen to it, Kid President is awesome!  The link is https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l-gQLqv9f4o , listen, get motivated and enjoy! I also wanted to share the link that my nephew Chris Parker wanted us to hear discussing the partnership that his company has with Google.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cHeKrF_PGBg.  I don’t know about you, but, I was excited by his presentation!  If you want to know more about how we are driving more leads and deals, contact me and ask.

Alex and Kathy wanted to make sure that I got you all the list of Direct mail providers, SCROLL DOWN FOR A COUPLE OF WHOLESALE DEALS!

1)      Tax Lien – http://www.alescodata.com/ scott.neff@alescodata.com or do it yourself

2)      Probate – Compile yourself or get from USProbateleads.com or UsLeadList.com

3)      Inherited Property –Do it yourself or www.UsLeadList.com

4)      Absentee Owners – Start with out of state owners – http://www.alescodata.com/ scott.neff@alescodata.com

5)      Free & Clear – http://www.alescodata.com/ scott.neff@alescodata.com

6)      Fire damaged – Fire Dept in the town you are looking in

7)      Building code violations – Building Dept of the town you are looking in

8)      Divorce – www.compass-direct.com/newdivorce.html

9)      Bankruptcy – scott.nett@alescodata.com, www.foreclosures.com, or Banker & Tradesman

10)   Foreclosure – http://www.foreclosureradar.com, www.foreclosures.com, or Banker & Tradesman

WHOLESALE DEAL:  Sudbury, MA – 4 bed/2bath property, (it is a co-wholesale for us). Here are the figures:  Buy-in = $370k, Estimatied repairs Repairs to bring to a 5 bed/3 bath (Title V cleared for 5 bed) = $210k.  General Contractor who drew the plan available to do the work – I also have the plans and they look really nice!  ARV  $775,000;  Property Address: 47 Fairbank Road, Sudbury, MA.   The deal is going fast, and the property must move! This is a co-wholesale for us and you must get to me before Wednesday, August 27 if interested, and have $19.5 to put in as a down payment. The deal must be cash!  Contact:  Richard and Connie Shulman (508)-372-0326, richard@cash4realst8.com

WHOLESALE DEAL: 23 VFW Parkway, Revere. Walking distance to Wonderland T. Near proposed Casino. Price $175. Rehab $200 (Fire-damaged, gut rehab) ARV $450 as a 2-family* I HAVE A SOBER HOUSE BUSINESS WHO IS DROOLING TO RENT THE ENTIRE PROPERTY AND PAY $4,500/MONTH, PAY ALL UTILITIES INCLUDING PUBLIC ELECTRIC AND WATER & SEWER, SHOVEL SNOW, TAKE OUT TRASH, ETC. NO MANAGEMENT $ FOR YOU, SELF-MANAGING AND NO VACANCY!!! THIS BUSINESS IS A CURRENT TENANT OF MINE IN ANOTHER PROPERTY AND I VOUCH FOR THEIR INTEGRITY. *this is a 3000 + sqft home zoned mixed use, commercial/residential. Though the sober house business will be happy to occupy it as-is, I started the rezoning process with an attorney because by converting it to a legal 2-family it will appraise higher after the rehab for a cash-out refi, and in general I feel the highest and best use for the property were it not used for a sober house would be as a two family. Attorney is confident it can be rezoned. I can share his opinion letter. 2 floors/units with 2 bathrooms and 4 bedrooms on each floor plus huge livable walk-out basement with 1 bathroom. (Sober house owner has walked through property and will use basement only for weight room, meeting room, etc, not for bedrooms). In my opinion this is a buy and hold. It will be a cash cow of $2000/month with the sober house and Revere is an appreciating rental market even without a casino going in. I have 3 other projects on my plate and want to unload this. Contact me for more details danielstein@live.com 617-820-9972 _______________________________________

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