Is Flip (Flipping) a 4 letter word that starts with F?

Bernadette Trafton, Chief Connector So, I was talking to my friend, business partner and seasoned investor Ken Olson the other day.  He said that he had a bone to pick with me.   He noticed that I use the words “flip” and “flipping” when talking about rehabbing and reselling properties in our adventures in real estate investing.

He said, “Give me a minute to explain, I know “flip” or “flipping” is nomenclature and widely accepted, but, trust me, any seasoned seller (Banker, REO Broker, Auctioneer) won’t listen to someone using that language and will not take them serious – it is too cavalier and wreaks of inexperience – if you want your investors that you are teaching to separate themselves, they will figure out a way to take “flip” or “flipping” out of their vocabulary.”    

OK, point taken…, “But, Ken, Do you know that FLIP and FLIPPING are among the HIGHEST ranking words on google for real estate investing?  More people search the term fix and flip or flipping real estate than invest in properties.  Since the “flip this house” phenomenon, it’s much more accepted…and does amazing things for my SEO and google rankings…. :-)”

To which Ken replied, “Flip and flipping is a widely accepted nomenclature and so is “doing it” – both have cavalier attachments and in “my opinion” are unprofessional and wreak of inexperience.”

“Ok, Ken, we are NOT going to present using the word FLIP” or “FLIPPING” to any banks.  However, you and I can have this conversation 30 times and I will still market using the words FLIP or FLIPPING because new investors and folks looking for places to network type in “flipping houses” “flip houses in Boston”, etc…about 20 plus times more than they look for rehabbing and reselling. 

It is what it is and the use of the word means different things dependent on the application.  In marketing it is a golden word that can help rank a webpage high in SEO.  It will, however, be a great lesson to the group – DON’T use the words FLIP or FLIPPING when talking to banks, brokers and others because it’s pretty much a “dirty” word and shows inexperience.  However,  when it comes to SEO please continue to use it in marketing.  :-)”

See you at our upcoming meeting on Thursday 6/19/2014


Bernadette Trafton, Boston AREIA Chief Connector


  1. says

    The word basically has two meanings. In the banking world, it was known to be reselling properties at retail prices without doing anything to the property and flipping for a
    profit simply because you snagged it first.
    Nowadays, savvy buyers and investors know
    the difference between cash value, wholesale
    value, and market value. If I snag a dirt cheap
    property that absolutely would never pass a
    banks mortgaging process, and I “flip” it to
    another investor, the smart investor would
    never pay market value, but the word is the same. It was a dirty word, but even the Gov has made the distinction and knows the difference.

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