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Bernadette Trafton, Chief ConnectorGood morning folks,

We’ve had a specific progression over our meetings this past year.  The first month was all about taxes and getting your taxes and what not set up.  The next month, was all about your marketing plan, lead generation and setting up your websites and social networks.  In March it was all about how to make an offer and using forms without fear.  This coming month is all about funding and after that we will focus on exit strategies.  Along with all of this, we ran a mentorship contest and myself and Peg Graveline of JEM Property Group are working with Mike Fitzpatrick and Jacqui Pietrzak who are blogging in “Diary of a Newbie Real Estate Investor”.  The whole process has been very exciting, I believe, for all of us.

During this time period, my business focus for Boston AREIA, aside from providing the best networking, local experts and content we can, is to ramp up our brand, increase website and social networking exposure and more.  The focus has always been about helping new investors.  This website has never been focused on lead generation where deals are concerned.  After the past few weeks, I wonder why I never thought to do that….I mean what could be the best way for me to help investors than to bring them deals that they can flip.  It’s a win-win-win.  So, without getting into the specifics because we are still working on this deal, I’ll tell you the story that brought me to this “aha” moment.

So, a week ago last Thursday, I got a phone call on the number listed on the Boston AREIA website.  It was a lady saying that she had a property that I might be interested in.  I occasionally get phone calls like this.  Usually they are offering out of state properties, promising huge ROI and when I call I get a sales pitch to bring a group of investors and yada yada yada.  This was different because the property was local and in a prominent area.  When I called her, it turned out that her mother had just passed away and they had this property, were thinking of listing it, but, wanted to call me first.  I explained that she might get a little more money listing it, but, the process would be longer and they’d be responsible for all the cleanup, whereas an investor could close quickly and after they had removed the sentimental items, the investor would take care of the cleanup of both inside and outside the property.  She was very interested.  When I asked her how she happened to come upon Boston AREIA, she said she googled investors in Boston and we were in the top 3.  Thanks Adam Blake and Thrivehive!  Anyhow, I let her know that I would want to have an investor walk through the property and discuss the options, when would she be available so that I could make a connection.  She said Sunday was the best day.

Immediately I thought was that this would be a perfect opportunity for our mentee to get some on the job training about contract negotiation, exits strategies and flipping properties and could possibly be a phenomenal deal.  So, I got in touch with Peg, made the connections with the homeowner and set up a time to go on Sunday.  Peg had a nice conversation with her and got a little more of the scoop and because of the situation, we figured having too many people would be a bit much on the family   So, Peg and Mike went…and guess what?  The property is under contract!!!  Very exciting!  Peg and I have a great deal and our mentee gets to learn through the process!

Anyhow, it got me thinking…here’s that AHA moment…If this lady reached out, how many other people have visited the site to sell their properties?  Perhaps they weren’t as bold to pick up the phone and because we didn’t have a place on the website for property sellers to type in their info, they moved on.  Hmm…we are doing a great job, with the help of Thrivehive, to get and keep our SEO where it needs to be.  Why not add a place on our website for property sellers to enter their information?  So, you will be seeing a few of those changes to the website over the next weeks…oh, and let me know where you are looking so I can let you know when a deal comes across my desk.  Keep your eyes out for Mike and Jacqui’s next blog and we’ll keep you up to date on the deal as we can.  Right now, we are still working on it…so, even if you ask, we will let you know that we can’t get into it.  But, because we will begin our focus using this site for property lead generation as well as gathering investors, more deals will be coming…so, stay tuned!

Yours in success!


Bernadette Trafton, Boston AREIA Chief Connector


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