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Direct mail and a Website Logo Contest

Jacqui and I are still scouring the market to try and find a good rehab deal, and recently we have been focused on direct mail and our website development. It’s been about two weeks since we sent out our first round of direct mail marketing. No responses to date, but we are optimistic that if we stick with it we will find a good rehab deal. We are continuing to refine and add to our marketing list that we are using for direct mail. Our list was created using the following data sources: expired and removed listings from MLS, foreclosures, and houses that we identified by driving for dollars and looked up in the public record.

To try and keep things organized we are also in the process of setting up our own website. We are working with Thrivehive to design the website and are utilizing the marketing platform. The Thrivehive marketing platform provides you everything that you need to create tracked phone lines and to start building a database of potentials sellers, buyers, or others. We are looking forward to using these capabilities to track the effectiveness of our direct mail marketing.

We were shocked that we actually had our first lead come in a few weeks ago when an absentee landlord found our webpage after extensive google searching and contacted us.

The owner lived on the South Shore and was interested in selling a six family apartment building that he owned in the Framingham area. We checked out the property and initially were not very impressed with the location or the condition of the building so we didn’t investigate or move forward. A week later I called the owner back because a friend of mind provided me with more information about the specific neighborhood the apartment was located in and suggested it might be worth a second look. Go figure when I contacted the owner back the property was already under agreement by another investor. Lesson learned – do your research and move quickly.

We were shocked that such a barebones website could actually generate a credible lead. We are excited about redesigning our site with Thrivehive’s help and will have something available soon that can help us to keep the leads coming!

We are also looking to pick a logo for our company Fitz Property. We have used a logo design website and have narrowed the top designs for you to vote. We would love your input. Also if you think you have a better logo idea, we want your submission! If we select your design as our logo we will offer a $200 prize. Please submit any ideas to mike@fitzproperty.com and jacqui@fitzproperty.com

Thanks for reading!

Mike and Jacqui

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  1. Terri says

    I’m impresses with your willingness to share your experiences as a newbie real estate investor. I’m currently a wannabe real estate investor.

    Anyway, I like the readability, colors and roof on #4 of your logo choices. Best of luck and I’ll be watching for your updates.

  2. says

    Hey Jacqui and Mike,
    I know that feeling of not moving quick enough. Lesson learned but it will happen again, I’m sure. That’s the nature of the beast. I’m just puzzled as to why you didn’t tell them “It’s not for us but I know this great broker that can get you top dollar…” 😉
    Working with Thrivehive on my site as well. I’m excited to get that going. I previously thought it would just be another task without much benefit but their presentation had me do a 180 on that thinking. Great to work with Jason over there and looking forward to getting my site live in the next few days.
    I love logo # 4
    I think it’s clean, love the colors and it conveys a real professional look.
    Marty Carey
    William Raveis Real Estate

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