What to expect on March 20th at Boston AREIA

Bernadette Trafton, Chief ConnectorWe are having a blast mentoring Mike Fitzpatrick.  He’s working with his partner Jacqui Pietrzak, look for their next blog post.  They’ve been driving for dollars, working on their website, putting together their first direct mail marketing campaign and presenting potential deals to Peg and I.  Super proud of them!  I’m watching a power couple develop!  WOHOO!

It’s the LAST day to get eligible for this month’s workshop at 5pm.  I will be downloading real estate leads from a few lead sources and giving them to the folks who come to the session.  I need to know now who is coming at 5pm.  If you don’t qualify by midnight tonight, you won’t be able to join us at 5pm before the monthly meeting!  Find out if you are eligible!


Most of you have said that you are interested in saving money on your electric bill and going green. Some of you have switched to Viridian, many of you have not.  All of you raise your hand when I ask if you recycle, most of you agree if you had the ability to make 10 times the carbon impact without it costing you, you would.  I know time gets away from you and you forget.  I get it.  We have invited Reps to help you with the 3 minute process it takes to make the switch on Thursday night – BRING YOUR N-Star or National Grid bills with you.  It costs you nothing, takes 3 minutes, can save you money over time and you choose green.  All who take action will get a special opportunity during our “forced networking” segment.


Thursday, March 20, 2014 – Is fear of making an offer holding you back?

***Special opportuniy to for MEMBERS of Boston AREIA, we are shaking up our forced networking section…those who get there early will be rewarded!

Monthly Meeting – The question I get most from investors is, “Ok…so, I find a property…how do I make sure all the bases are covering when making an offer and putting together a P&S?” Well this meeting will dispel the fears that are holding you back from making offers!   For all details visit – http://bostonareia.com/resources/upcoming-events/

Become a member today – http://bostonareia.com/about-us/membership-plans/

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