Our March 20th meeting ROCKED!

  What a terrific meeting had on March 20th! 

We started the meeting before the meeting at 5pm with about 20 members of Boston AREIA!  The workshop was short, only 1/2 hour, but, we walked folks through lead sources and showed how to pull different types of leads.  We are now in the process of separating and sending the leads to folks so they can do their homework which is to create a yellow letter campaign’s with the leads.  I can’t wait to see those same folks to see if they did their homework and if they had any results!  We got some great testimonials…

Stan Kozlowski -“Last night’s meeting was productive and informative – as usual. Peg and Dan’s presentation on their Walpole flip was insightful and showed what really happens during a rehab and attorney Ken Crossingham gave great tips on what to include and NOT include in a P & S! My thanks to Bernadette and all!”

Mike Martin“Good morning Bernadette I just wanted to say last nights meeting was very good. Peg is truly an inspiration.”

Linh and Oanh Nguyen – “Hi Bernadette, at first, we thought real estate investment was only about buying property and holding for rental income, and that was what we planned to do to try to create a secure financial for ourselves and especially our children. We had no idea about wholesale and buying and flipping houses. Also, we did not know about finding deals outside of the MLS. Thanks to the Boston real estate investment association, we have learned so much about the process. However, we feel like we need to gather as much knowledge about real estate investment as we could. There are so much more to learn. So it would be great if we could attend the 5 pm workshop. Our goals now is rehabbing and flipping houses, and hopefully holding some of the properties for rental income in the future.  Thanks, Linh & Oanh”

At 5:30 we started our networking and very quickly the room filled up with investors excited to network with each other.  At 6:30 the meeting began.  First, 1 first 30 folks in the room were given the opportunity to stand up and say who they are, what they do and what area they are looking to invest.  Hmmm…maybe you should all show up early next month too.  :-)  Then, Maria Pacheco with Viridian energy asked everyone if they used electricity…and explained how they can go green and save money over time with the company. 

After that, Peg Graveline from JEM Property Group and Dan McKenna with McKenna Family Homes went over their Walpole deal.  Dan, talked about how he found the deal.  He felt he had a deal, but, it was his first one, so he took advantage of Peg’s offer to partner.  He touched base at the meeting and Peg said, “It’s a deal” and they agreed to partner.  They walked through the process and they let everyone know that they were supposed to close on Friday.  GUESS WHAT FOLKS….IT CLOSED!!!  Peg will show the numbers at the next meeting!  Talk about an awesome Fix and Flip!  And, this was Dan’s first deal!!!  Way to use the tools that you have and use the power of networking with other members of Boston AREIA to make it happen. 

Then Dickens Pierre-Louis put together a market report showing the trends of pre-foreclosures.  It was recieved.  After that Attorney Ken Cossingham went over forms with confidence.  It was an outline of a P&S and what language to use to make sure that all the bases are covered and that the appropriate contingencies are in place.  I will be posting both of these powerpoints in the member only area of the website. 

REMEMBER, we are here to help you succeed.  Please feel free to reach out with questions, deals and more in between meeting!

Yours in success,

Bernadette Trafton, Boston AREIA Chief Connector!


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