Recap of Monthly meeting – You can't flip houses until you find them…


Our February monthly was all about marketing.  I wanted to give everyone out there a recap of the presentation.

Are you covering all the bases?  Have you answered the following questions?

—What is your marketing budget?  How much money are you prepared to spend on marketing every month? —Have you set your schedule for working your business and set aside time to market? If you have 15 hours set aside for your business, are you allowing 5 hours to do your marketing? Have you set aside time for face to face marketing?  Are you doing direct mail campaigns?  Do you have a website?  Website for buying – let the world know what you are looking to buy; Website for selling – let the world know what you are selling.  Is your marketing congruent?  Are you pointing people the right website? Does your business card include the website information – where are your phone messages going?  Do you blog?  Are your social networks set up?  Are you building and managing your list?  IN REAL ESTATE…IN ANY BUSINESS, HE/SHE WITH  THE BIGGEST LIST, WINS!

So, how DO you build your list?
•So…the first list you want to build is potential business partners
•Become a regular face at local REIA Meetings Boston AREIA and others in the area
•Offer to help and become known in the group
•Use blogging and social networking offering tips and sharing your pursuits with others
•Be willing to step outside your comfort zone
•Make sure your direct marketing, in person and via mail includes your websites
So, how DO you get your phone ringing?
•Driving for dollars – Look for distressed properties.
•Write down address, research owner and send them a letter…or….Knock on the door…
•You can, of course hang bandit signs… , go online there is always a sale at one of the sites!
•Be sure you know the laws in the area that you want to work in
•Make sure you track areas and progress
•Use a tracked phone line
•Allot time in your schedule to post the signs and take them down.  Hire someone else…
•Direct mail campaigns
•Acquire leads
•Send yellow letter campaign
•Send post cards
•Use Send Out Cards
•Make sure you track progress to estimate ROI
•Use a different tracked phone line number than bandit signs
•Allot time in your schedule to stuff envelopes or increase your budget to pay a teenager or your child to do it.
•Acquire leads:
•Many list brokers out there… – can pull lists using a variety of variables:
•Property owners
•Absentee owners
•Type of property
•What’s owed
•Size of property
•Zip code – can pull lists using a variety of variables:
•MA – CT-RI – NH
•County, town
•All foreclosures
•Petitions for foreclosure
•Only Auction/Sheriff sales
•Only Lis Penden
•Bank owned REO
Rule #1 – you MUST BE CONSISTENT with your marketing!  Don’t expect to send out one group of letters and a huge deal will come to you!  You must be consistent and send weekly campaigns.  So, answer the questions above and then set up your first marketing campaign.
Look forward to seeing you at our March meeting!  The question I get most from investors is, “Ok…so, I find a property…how do I make sure all the bases are covering when making an offer and putting together a P&S.  Well tonight’s meeting will dispel the fears that are holding you back from making offers!  Check it out –
Happy Investing!  Yours in succes, Bernadette Trafton, Chief Connector, Boston AREIA

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