Meet our new Mentee Mike Fitzpatrick and his first Diary of a Newbie Real Estate Investor post


by Boston AREIA/JEM Property Group Mentee Mike Fitzpatrick


Hi Boston REIA!

I am honored to be selected for this mentorship program. I have been tracking the real estate market for the past 3 years and have been an investor for just over a year now. It was not Kiyosaki, but MA real estate investor. David Lindahl’s book, Muli-Family Millions that sparked my interest in real estate investing. Early on in Lindahl’s book he describes the value and importance of being part of your local real estate investment association. It only took me three years, but I finally took action based on Lindahl’s recommendation to join my local REIA about a month ago.

After a quick google search I found Boston REIA and read Bernadette’s blog post about the mentorship contest. I decided to apply because the questions made me define my own investment goals and who wouldn’t want the some help from expert mentors?!

In the past few years I have built relationships with real estate agents, mortgage and insurance agents, home inspectors, contractors, and lawyers, all of which I am thankful had the patience to deal with my line of questioning as I picked their minds to learn more about how the real estate market works and how to invest in it. What excites me most about this mentorship program is the opportunity to learn from Peg and Bernadette who are real estate investing pros, write for this blog, and meet other like-minded investors through the Boston REIA meetings.

Tom O’Brien founder of TFNN, has instilled the following motto in me: “Whatever you think about you bring about and whatever you focus on grows”

In the next year or less I will flip a house for a profit of $50k or more.

Since I started investing in real estate investments I bought a 3 family and a 4 family with a partner. I have A LOT to learn about flipping. Stay tuned to this blog to see what Peg and Bernadette are teaching me and how I am getting closer to my $50k flip goal.

Looking forward to meeting you at the next Boston REIA meeting,

Mike Fitzpatrick, Boston AREIA/JEM Property Group Mentee

Good thing there’s always another deal



  1. Phillip Tsouridis says

    That’s great keep us posted on your details interests analysis and successes – will be very helpful to all also explain your financial status in obtaining these deal or creative ways you made it happen with little or no cash – best of luck in your endeavors

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