Dreams of flipping houses for income?

Bernadette Trafton, Chief ConnectorDo you have dreams of flipping houses and riding off into the sunset with a bank full of cash?  Many people have that same goal.  Then they start doing the research on what to do and how to do it.  They inundate themselves with education and read everything that everyone has ever written on the subject of flipping houses.  A few, I mean maybe 5 percent actually take action on some of the things they learn.  A few of them are successful, a few of them find themselves in a situation that leaves them over their head.  The ones who don’t take action are paralyzed by the fear of doing something wrong and ending up like the ones that are in over their head.  They’ve got families that are counting on them, they can’t get in over their head.  And, there is so many methods and areas of real estate out there.  What way do they turn?  Who do they listen to?  What is their best tool to get into the game?

Well….every guru out there will tell you to come to your local real estate investors association to network with people who are actually doing things, know the local laws and will be willing to partner with you on deals.  A seasoned investor won’t partner with you on a deal if there is an opportunity to get in too far over their head.  They don’t get emotional about properties.  They don’t do deals just because.  They run the numbers and if the numbers make sense, then they go for it.  So, the gurus are right, groups like Boston AREIA are the best place for you to go to network and meet these investors, get the education and develop the relationships you need to be successful.

Boston AREIA is taking things a step further.  We are running a mentorship contest.  Unlike the gurus programs, there won’t be a charge for this mentorship.  It’s all about on the job training and learning from local experts.  READ ABOUT THE MENTORSHIP CONTEST HERE! 

We also have local real estate expert Peg Graveline and her team at JEM Property Group coming in and doing a 20-30 minute talk on flipping and rehabbing every month.  The team is also very open to partnering with newer investors to make sure they are successful in their endeavors.  Make sure you get to the upcoming meeting on the 20th! 

Yours in success!

Bernadette Trafton, Boston AREIA Chief Connector


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