Bernadette Trafton, Chief ConnectorWe are very excited to announce the winner of our mentorship contest!  Be patient…

We announced the mentorship contest in January, giving folks until Feb 14, yes Valentine’s Day, to submit their entries.  This is the way the next 3-4 weeks went:

Peg texted me, “Did we get any entrants?” 

My response, “We’ve got people who said they are interested, but, no submissions…don’t worry, we aren’t close to the 14th”

We got out first and second submission on Feb 6th.  A few in between the 6th and the 14th and whole bunch of them on the 14th.  In total we had 15 folks apply for the contest!  We expected 6 or 7.  So, it showed us the great amount of interest the group has for these types of opportunities.  The submissions were so good that it took us time to narrow the field down to 6 people.  We emailed each of them and scheduled a telephone interview with all of  them.  Peg and I would get off the phone with a potential mentee and we’d say, “Oh, I really like them and what they had to say…”  When we realized we were saying that about all of them, we decided that we had to do something for all of them.  So, here’s what the folks win, who didn’t actually win:  Every month at 5pm before the regular Boston AREIA Networking begins, we will provide a workshop for all the folks who submitted an entry.  (If you didn’t submit an entry, are a member of Boston AREIA and have interest in attending, please email me at  The first workshop on March 20th will be to put into action the marketing education that I presented last night.  We will actually pull lists in our target areas and will put together a direct mail marketing campaign, from start to finish…yes, it’s possible to get something like that put together in about 1/2 hour…if you are being guided!  Each month will go the next step…so, first step – FIND A DEAL…

So, after Peg and I talked about what we were going to do for everyone else…we had to decide on a winner.  There was much hemming and hawing, but, the entry, interview and so he knows, the followup email that he sent after the interview sealed the deal for our new Mentee, Mike Fitzpatrick!  Look for some Diary of Newbie real estate investor submission from Mike to track his progress.

Great job to everyone who submitted an entry!  And, a special thanks to Peg Graveline of JEM Property Group for agreeing to “PAY IT FORWARD” with me.   Peg, YOU ROCK!

Yours in success, Bernadette Trafton, Chief Connector, Boston AREIA

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