Pay for your deals with unsecured funds instead of hard money

Bernadette Trafton, Chief ConnectorI think that everyone would prefer to pay for their deals with unsecured funds vs hard money.  Heck, most of the hard money people I know would tell you, if you can use other methods to pay for your deals, do that before you choose hard money.  The problem is there aren’t a ton of ways to find unsecured funds.  Sure, you can ask a parent or relative who has a home equity line of credit or IRA that can roll over into a self-directed IRA…but, these days who’s relatives have that kind of portfolio to tap into?  Robert Kiyosaki’s Cash Flow Quadrant illustrates that 95% of the people in world are sharing only 5% of the wealth.  Chances are we are relatives with more 95 percenters than 5 percenters.  Just sayin’.

So, every time I talk to lending sources I ask if they do business loans that investors can use to fund their deals.  Most of the time I hear that business loans don’t qualify for real estate investing or they can do it if the person has a ton of collateral.

Well, I’ve finally found a group who will give up to $100k or more in unsecured funds.  They structure the loan as a business line of credit, even if the business hasn’t been established.  I know, where’s the catch?  You and/or your partners do have to qualify.  You can’t have horrendous credit and qualify for the loan, unless you have a qualified co-signer, you can’t have a bad payment history and qualify for the loan, unless you have a qualified co-signer.

So, if you qualify, here’s what you get

  • $50,000-100,000 plus in Business Capital and Business Credit Available per Each Applicant
  • Unsecured Funding – No Collateral Required
  • Unrestricted Use – Capital Can Be Used For Any Purpose
  • Interest Rates as Low as 8.99%
  • 0% Interest for First 6-18 Months
  • Preapproval in 24 hours
  • Funding in 14 to 30 days
  • Line of Credit is in Name of the Business, Not on Personal Credit Profile

Sounds pretty awesome to me.  There is unrestricted use.  This means you can use the funding for your deals.  Pay it back when the deal closes and because it’s a line of credit, it will be there to use for the next deal!  Or, if you are like me and enjoy multiple streams of income, you can use it or a portion to invest in other streams of income as well.  So, I asked them if they could do a webinar for everyone who’s interested.

When:  Wed, 7/10/2013 8pm est

Where:  Webinar –

Hope to “see” you on the webinar and at our July 18th Christmas in July Networking Extravaganza!

Bernadette Trafton, Chief Connector


  1. Ana Huffer says

    Hi! I just saw this post and obviously, am too late for the webinar. Would you mind sharing the information with me via email?

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