How to get the most out of your real estate investment club

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I know that sometimes coming to a real estate investment club can be intimidating.  Who are these people?  How can they help me?  Who do they know?  Do I just go up and say hello?  I don’t want to sound stupid…

Life is short…don’t sweat the small stuff!  And, remember, you are the one in control!

I’m a big WHY? person.  I feel like to get the most out of any real estate investors club, heck ANYTHING, you have to know why you are going to begin with.  What is it that you want to get out of the group?  Write a list for yourself:

  • Networking
  • Education
  • Motivation
  • Deal sharing/partnering with other investors
  • Increase profits
  • Building Power Team
  • Access to group buying discounts
  • Build Buyers List
  • Build Wholesalers list
  • Build Rehabbers list
  • Opportunities to speak in front of room
  • Opportunities to share what you’ve learned
  • Opportunities to present deals in front of the room
  • Online access to other members
  • Deals email sent
  • Access to service providers who help organize my business, increase my online presence and increase my lead generation
  • and more…

Now that you know why you are attending and joining the group, you can develop a plan for the meeting.  Now, at Boston AREIA, we hold open networking from 5:30pm – 6:30pm.  Members and attendees are encouraged to get there early.  If you get to the meeting early, you get the lay of the land.  You have time to come up and introduce yourself to the Club leader.  In the case of Boston AREIA, that’s me!  :-) .  You are going to want to have a good handle on who you want to be connected with because the Club leader will know who would be the best connection for you.  The best way to get the most from the club is to get to know the person running the meetings.  They are the person in the position to help you the most.

Get there early and network with the vendors.  DON’T BE A WALL FLOWER!  Find your seat, then walk around and talk to everyone.  Make it a goal to solidly connect with at least 5 people at each meeting.  Get everyone else’s card, so you can set up followup meetings.  But, AT the meeting, connect solidly with 5 investors.  If you focus on 5, then you can begin to develop a relationship with people.  Take the hour for networking and use it for networking.  When the meeting starts, if there is forced networking (you’ll have to come to Boston AREIA to learn what that is), take part!

Any opportunity to get in front of the room- Buy/Sell, forced networking, etc…TAKE IT!  Remember, everything you want is outside your comfort zone.  Stay until the end after the speaker is done and then stay and network with everyone.  Offer to buy a drink for a more seasoned investor in the bar and stick around and listen.  You will learn the jargon and you will hear great stores and be presented with opportunities.

Those who stick and stay get paid.  This means come to the club consistently, get to know, like and trust people and let them get to know like and trust you.  You will form long-lasting, profitable partnerships and the road will bring you places you never knew existed.  See you at the next meeting!


Bernadette Trafton, Boston AREIA Chief Connector,



  1. Michael says

    Great article Bernadette. I like how you say make a goal to make 5 contacts and follow up.
    To many people try to collect just business cards and do nothing with them. Quality over quantity for sure. Networking takes time but it sure does payoff.

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