Do you have an old 401K or IRA collecting dust?

Do you have an old 401K or IRA collecting dust? Or a self-directed IRA whose non real estate assets (stocks, bonds, mutual funds, etc) have lagged behind the market? Or you’re looking to add more guarantees to your retirement account?

Now is a great time to consider a rollover. While the key advantages of a rollover remain the same–more investment options, proper diversification customized to your risk profile, and automatic asset rebalancing–there is an even greater incentive: free money. Through the end of June, NY Life is offering an incentive bonus that could be worth $5k, $10k or even more, including a guaranteed rate of return of 10% for a limited period of time!

As David Cuthbert talked about at the last REIA meeting, NY Life’s mutual funds have the #1 ranking in the industry over the past 10 years, better than Vanguard, Fidelity, JP Morgan and all the rest, so your account will be very well managed. There’s a reason why NY Life has more than 30% market share of the rollover market.

You’ll also receive personal service from David, as opposed to dialing an 800 number and trusting critical decisions about your retirement account to a stranger over the phone. Too often, 401K and IRA accounts are not reviewed with care, so performance suffers and accounts become unbalanced. To see how your account has performed relative to the market, David is extending an offer to REIA members to run detailed personalized Morningstar reports at no charge.

For more information, contact David at Don’t miss out on this great opportunity to get better performance out of your retirement account, and earn free money to boot!

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