Did you know you can use Uncle Sam to help build your business?

Bernadette Trafton, Chief Connector

Bernadette Trafton, Chief Connector

Good morning folks!  So, I got an email from my favorite accountant, Joe Craft.  He’s saved me a ton of money over the years in taxes.  And, now he wants me to know how I can use Uncle Sam to build my network marketing business.  Joe says that everyone would own a home-based business if they just knew Unlce Sam would pay for it! I love Joe Craft!  He helps me with real estate, business, taxes and more and now he wants to give YOU a reason to join my network marketing business!

I’ve always let everyone know, though I do real estate, I’ve always done network marketing.  The residual income is great, but, I started my home based business because the tax benefits you get far outweigh what you get by being a new real estate investor.  I figured if the tax benefits can increase my cash flow more than the cost of the product or the service, why wouldn’t I do it?  I had 2 conversations with Joe Craft after getting started and he helped me to increase my cash flow by $500.  Do you know that $500 extra a month would prevent most foreclosures?  Anyhow, I was pumped because before I had sponsored anyone or sold a service, I had more money staying in my bank account than the month before.  I was pumped because, it’s not magic, just numbers.  That’s what Joe wants to teach you!

And now, Joe has teamed up with Dr. Ron Mueller.  Dr. Mueller is well known as the “plain-talking” (and entertaining) authority on special tax deductions approved by Congress specifically for small and home-based business owners.  Dr. Mueller is conducting 2 special webinars that will show you how owning a home-based business will provide you with these special deductions and will give you a prime reason to join a network marketing company and give the people you know that same prime reason as well.  In essence, he is teaching how you can GET Uncle Sam to PAY your PROSPECTS (and you!) CASH for starting and for running a home-based business.  YOU CAN LEARN ALL OF THIS IN A 45-MIN LIVE WEB BRIEFING WHICH WILL BE REPEATED TWICE:  Saturday, 6/8/2013 11am (EST) AND Sunday 8pm (EST) Registration is FREE, but REQUIRED (so you can receive your log-in and call-in info by email). REGISTER at http://HomeBusinessTaxSavings.com/UncleSam.html  (note: web extension is case-sensitive). I encourage everyone to listen in to these webinars.  This knowledge has helped me remain a single, stay at home mom for 8 years.  It’s simple, it’s just numbers, just like real estate and the ROI is ROCKIN’!   And, if you want to come check out what I’m doing on Tuesday night with this business, visit this Facebook Page – https://www.facebook.com/events/171044856392377/ DESIRE.  COMMIT.  SUCCEED!Bernadette Trafton, Boston AREIA Chief Connector, dette101@gmail.com

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