Tony Youngs and the members of Boston AREIA ROCK!

Tony Youngs 7 ways to profitTony Youngs and the members of Boston AREIA ROCK!  Last night’s meeting for Boston AREIA was awesome!  Yes the Big Bad BRUINS were playing (AND WON, MIGHT I ADD!  Boston STRONG!  WOOYAH!) and it’s college graduation weekend…so traffic was horrible getting to the Crowne Plaza in Newton.  Gregory Amaral said, “Traffic was crazy, I was following people from New York and New Jersey, I was thinking where am I?”   But, folks made their way through the traffic to get to the meeting to learn from Tony Youngs.

The folks who were there early networked from 5:30 until about 6:40.  We decided to start the meeting a few minutes late because people were straggling in after battling the traffic.  The room was full of energy!  The members and guests of Boston AREIA were there to network and learn from a master of foreclosure and the hidden market.  We started the meeting with a little “forced” networking.  This is a segment designed for the folks in the room who may be a little nervous just walking up to someone and starting a conversation.  We bring specific groups like Realtors, Lenders, Lawyers, Wholesalers and more up to the front of the room by category.  Then in a fast and furied manner everyone who needs to connect with them comes to the front of the room and they exchange business cards and agree to connect later on a more personal level.

After our forced networking segment we went over upcoming meetings, we had a Buy/Sell section where investors presented wholesale deals.  There was a lot of interest in Fabricio and Christy’s deal, it’s always great to bring flyers.  They passed out many!  A deals email goes out every Friday after the meeting to present the deals to our whole list.  After Buy/Sell, our vendors came up and talked about how they can help investors save money and use tools to expand their businesses.  Big shout out to Jason!  You already know that I LOVE my new SEO/Website guys and all they offer.   

We brought Tony Youngs up right around 7:30 pm.  He was phenomenal.  He trained, entertained and kept the audience engaged and hanging on

every word.  My favorite part was when he spoke about the hidden market.  Tony told people, “The hidden market is my favorite because there’s no competition, it’s a market where the property isn’t on MLS, there isn’t a for sale sign in the front yard, it’s not in foreclosure, it’s not listed on Craig’s list and even the current owners have NO IDEA that the property is for sale.”  Everyone looked at him in disbelief, thinking, what’s he talking about.  And, then case after case he proved his point.  So, much so that folks made haste to the back table to sign up for his all day seminar on Saturday!

Big shout out to Dickens Pierre-louis for taking pi

ctures!  I had several people come up to me and thank me and our membership grew again with people signing up for the membership after the meeting.  Folks congregated around Tony, drilling him with question after question.

I drove home a happy organizer because despite the traffic and what it took for folks to get to the event, everyone seemed happy.  I was too wound up after the meeting to go to sleep, so I jumped on line to answer some email and make some connections with folks.  At 11:44 pm, I got this email, “Tonight meeting was the best! I loved the way you introduced all of us by our profession. It was very easy to connect with each other. Also, the guest speaker was awesome.  The topic was just what I needed. I am coming this Saturday and will register and buy the Boston boot camp kit.  Thank you once again, Anna Whang”  


Bernadette Trafton   –   Boston AREIA Chief Connector   –   –   603-834-4587


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