Free Foreclosure and Short Sale education

I have a gift for all members who comes to Boston AREIA on 4/18

Thanks to Sheila, I have a gift for all members of Boston AREIA who come to

see Peter McLoughlin on 4/18!

Bernadette HeadshotI was meeting with Sheila Farragher-Gemma the other day.  She used to run Foreclosures MA.  She said, “You know I have a bunch of relevant short sale/foreclosure education that we used to sell at our meetings.  If you want them, you can have them to hand out to your members.” I’m always looking for benefits and giveaways that I can hand my members.  All the information is relevant and can help you in your real estate investments.  I guess that just shows you the Power of Who (my favorite new book).  Have you become a member yet?  Now’s the time.  I have no idea how long the supplies will last.  So, Become a Member of Boston AREIA today!  See you on Thursday the 18th!

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